Nasdaq: Will Gen Z Buy Their Homes With Bitcoin?

Nasdaq: Will Gen Z Buy Their Homes With Bitcoin?

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  1. Why exchange an asset with a long term average ROI of about 130 percent per year for an asset which barely keeps up with inflation in the long term after properly accounting for real estate’s holding costs?

    Real estate prices (and rents) are ultimately limited by incomes.

    Bitcoin has no holding costs. Bitcoin’s price is not limited by incomes.

  2. No. They’re going to rent them at a more affordable price with fiat they acquired using an ultra low interest loan against their bitcoin.

    Housing as a speculative investment will collapse.

    Gen z will get their homes almost for free by comparison to millennials. No reason to prop that market up.

  3. I think that a lot of people in Gen Z will buy their homes with Bitcoin. I think that it is a great way to invest your money and I believe that it will only go up in value in the future.

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