Navi mutual fund presents paperwork for a blockchain fund


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  • The Indian government may introduce a crypto regulation framework rather than a ban.
  • Amid the crypto regulation framework, Navi mutual fund plans to invest in an ETF.

Navi mutual fund plans to hop into the crypto market. They will do so after the Indian government sets sight on introducing a crypto regulation framework rather than a ban.

The fund has said it plans to invest in an ETF after the regulation developments settle. They also said they would consider making an index fund that tracks the Indxx fund’s performance.

Navi fund to join the crypto sphere once a crypto regulation framework is complete

After the ongoing developments in crypto regulation in India, Navi fund is eying an opportunity to invest in blockchain technology. The government of India is going on with a parliament bill seeking to establish a crypto regulation framework. There are rumors that this framework may not consist of a ban.

As a result, Navi has already announced it will possibly invest in blockchain technology. The fund has said that the authorities already have their paperwork that seeks the approval of their Navi world Index FoF. This project will work as a worldwide ETF or track the developments of the MSCI World Index.

MFs presents the first paperwork for Silver ETFs.

Apart from the Navi fund, other funds like Aditya Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund (MF) and Mirae MF have also presented their paperwork to SEBI.

The two mutual funds look forward to giving investors a new investment option through silver ETFs.This type of investment has been scarce in India for some time now. Earlier on, investors could only use the MCX market for the ETFs. Now, they will have exposure to more options through these funds.

Sometime in September this year, the SEBI gave the guidelines on how mutual funds should manage the silver ETFs.The funds must buy at least 30kg of silver, which has over 99.9% purity. Then, the silver bought must adhere to London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) quality standards. The prices of the ETFs will then be pegged to the live prices of silver according to LBMA prices.

These silver ETFs will also not exceed a 1% expense ratio. This requirement will make it more affordable to trade silver per the commodity experts. They also say that it is better than the futures trading of silver, which has a roll-over of around 8-12% of the contract.

These new Silver ETFs will also get stock exchange listings like other standard ETFs. Per SEBI, the mutual funds will have to appoint market makers to ensure enough liquidity. The trading authority also said that all mutual funds should not have tracking errors above 2% per annum. While Mirae MF and Aditya Sun Life MF are the premiere applicants for the silver ETFs, other mutual funds may follow suit.

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