NBA announces partnership with Coinbase, opening door for cryptocurrency in stadiums

NBA announces partnership with Coinbase, opening door for cryptocurrency in stadiums

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  1. This is all pointless until these companies are also partially paying their staff in bitcoin. These companies want to accept bitcoin without thinking that, into order for people to spend it, they have to get it, and if they have to jump through hoops to convert $ to BTC, just to spend the BTC on stuff that they could spend $ for, why would they?

    Here’s what we need. We need a large corporation for whom the employees are also customers (large online retail, movie theater chain, fast food chain, etc) to announce that they’re not only going to accept BTC as payment, but they’re also giving every employee a 1% pay raise, but the pay raise is in BTC. To receive the raise, employees just have to setup their lightning wallet.

    If one company did that… BAM!, the employees instantly have at least one reasonable place to spend the BTC that they’re getting, the company instantly has a bunch of customers willing to spend BTC, ***AND*** the employees are learning how it all works from both sides of the counter.

    If two companies did that.. large enough companies where the employees of each are likely customers of each (eg. Amazon and AMC)… then we’d start to see mass adoption really take off.

  2. tldr; The NBA has announced a partnership with cryptocurrency trading application Coinbase. The deal will make the company the exclusive cryptocurrency platform partner of the NBA, Women’s National Basketball Association, NBA G League, NBA 2K League and USA Basketball. In 2014, the Sacramento Kings became the first NBA team to accept Bitcoin as a form of payment

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  3. How’s that gonna work? If players wanna get paid in bitcoin coinbase now exclusively processes those transactions? FTX own an arena and a patch lol we’ll probably see them more than coinbase.

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