Neebe question about cryptocurrency

Hi I am trying to understand what is cryptocurrency and I am watching this video:


where he is saying that “cryptocurrency is based ob there ledger” what ledger means if you could explain in this context???

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  1. A ledger is a list of transactions, ordered by the time they occurred.

    A transaction is basically a record of somebody sending an amount of Bitcoin from one address to another at a specific time. The person doing the sending must digitally sign the transaction, using the private key from which the “from” address was derived, in order to prove ownership of the Bitcoin being sent.

  2. A ledger is a term that has been around since before Christ.

    What it is is a transaction report more or less, a set of transactions noted.

    Edit: it is important to note the ledger is validated by validators and is distributed to everyone in the network. It is the basis of “verify don’t trust”

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