Need help!! BTC SCAM or just a lucky Giveaway?

I need help, recently my brother got this message on discord and logged in with a “promo” code onto this site: []( I am wondering if this site is legit and if the BTCs are real?

The site support tells me I cant withdraw BTCs until I deposit at least 0.01 BTC (around 550$) which sounds really shady to me. Did anyone get a message similar to this? Any kind of info will help.

I uploaded all the pictures to Imgur, here is the link: [](

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  1. Common scam, advance fee fraud, don’t send them shit.

    eta: Search the subreddit for mentions of discord or giveaway, always a different site but happens all day every day.

  2. Nobody is giving your brother a big free pot of money as a prize in something he didn’t enter.

    They’ll show him ‘his bitcoins’ and ask for a small administration fee to unlock the big prize.

    Only one person gets money out of this and it isn’t your brother.



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