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I’m doing crypto taxes and one of the Chinese exchanges I used in 2018 (Coinegg) doesn’t give me good import information. Manually searching deposits/withdrawals, I only see a deposit of 0.025 BTC. I cannot find anything for withdrawals(Believe site is buggy). Searching my Bitcoin address for the exchange, I see 0.025 BTC was also withdrawn. I cannot tell where I sent the BTC though because I’m not familiar with the BTC explorer. The ETH explorer is so much easier to follow. Can someone let me know what BTC address I sent the 0.025 BTC?



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  1. You’re asking about an exchange address. This isn’t your address. When the Bitcoin was sent out from this address, that wasn’t your doing. It was the exchange’s, and they moved your deposit to a different address of theirs.

    You’re operating on the assumption that Bitcoin moving from this address was you making a withdrawal, and that is 100% false.

    You’re going to get nothing useful by looking at your exchange deposit address, unless you know something very important, such as you sold the same day you sent to the exchange (and what you’re looking for is the amount you received from a sale).



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