Need some help running a lightning node on my NAS

Hey guys, not sure if this fits the subreddit theme, but didn’t find any rules against it, so hope it is fine.

I have a DS220+ and am currently trying to run a lightning node on it. I tried running a normal bitcoin fullnode and it worked, but lightning node doesn’t work at all. I followed this guide []( but it is either outdated, or the docker image is broken. Whichever one the problem, I am not sure since I don’t have much experience with nodes and DS for that matter. Can you guys point me to a more recent guide of doing this or tell me how to fix my issue. You can find my comment, it is the most recent one on the post on the website.

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  1. NAS’s are typically very slow underperformant devices. I would just cough up for a raspberry pi or run it on an old laptop.

    There is going to be little to no support for your setup as you are taking an unfamiliar route. If you can’t set it up yourself, its going to be hard to maintain.

  2. I have a lightning node running in a VM on my qnap nas and it works really well for 2 years now. unfortunately qnap has quite regular security issues so i closed off all other nas-functions to the outside of my lan.
    cpu-power ist not needed, but i upgraded the ram a bit to 8 gb.

    Try it without docker. you can install go and than lnd with a few commands in your VM. then you need to work a bit on your bitcoin.conf and lnd.conf. when everything is running install ride the lightning and ?lndwalletconnect?.

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