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NEM was developed to remove all faults and impediments in previously existing coins, giving the crypto community the solution they desire. NEM established an ecosystem, an eco-space, in which it made a significant contribution to the future development of blockchain by guaranteeing widespread acceptance. NEM dominates the cryptocurrency market with all benefits based on blockchain technologies, having gotten to a one-stop solution for solving all issues surrounding scalability, integrity, and power. Before we go into the specifics of the XEM price prediction, let’s take a  look at the currency itself.

Ecosystem of NEM

The evolution of the NEM process is made possible by a whole team of professionals and trailblazers working tirelessly. NEM’s leadership team includes CEO; David Shaw, Chief Financial Officer: Iain Wilson, Chief Operating Officer; David Mansell; and Chief Investment Officer Dave Hodgson. The strong staff of management professionals and software developers contributes significantly to company growth and community involvement.

NEM Blockchain's NIS1 - The Developer's Sandbox

Source: NemPlatform

NEM organization

NEM is designed to build confidence. The coin guarantees the growth of the whole community, thereby promoting mass adoption and allowing for advancement in the blockchain sector. To improve use cases, the NEM protocol is enabled at all hierarchies on a worldwide scale. NEM has strong connections with the Rainforest Foundation US, which is concerned with environmental issues.

The associations allow the NEM network to donate to Rainforest using their XEM, the initial  NIS1 coin. Another critical step for NEM is confirming its collaboration with Virtual Markets to promote decentralized virtual cryptocurrencies by linking its users to novel and better possibilities in a safe digital market ecosystem.

NEM’s token, XEM, operates on the basic concepts of being I) portable, ii ) cheap, iii ) highly safe, and iv) based on unified procedures.

Price chart for XEM

Profitable crypto trading, like Forex trading, entails analyzing the pricing charts and forecasting future movements. As previously said, the XEM value is gaining some upward strength, and thus, it is likely to break out of the bearish channel in which it is stuck. If this breakthrough occurs, it will most certainly give the motivation for an upswing to commence.

The price history of XEM/USD

Source: CoinMarketCap

The price history of XEM

NEM Price Prediction, Will The XEM Price Hit $1 In 2021?

Source: CoinPedia

Previous price predictions will make you realize the importance of discussing the fundamentals of the crypto asset before discussing the price predictions from the historical data. XEM will not be an exception since there are several variable factors that could affect the price. First, let’s define XEM and how the price got to this position.

XEM is the native coin on the network NEM. XEM coins may be utilized for staking and governing, enabling owners to cast ballots on platform-related issues.

NEM, which has been operating since 2015, has some expertise in the crypto community as a hard fork of the NXT blockchain, an open-access payment platform. NEM’s objective is to be utilized for more than simply money transfers, to develop a platform where developers may create decentralized apps ( dApps ) akin to Ethereum( ETH ).

NEM differs from those other cryptocurrencies, including BTC, employing the “Proof of Importance” agreement method. Other digital tokens utilize Proof of Work or Proof of Stake methods.

Proof of Importance ( PoI ) prioritizes NEM holders taking part in the network in layman’s terms. This proof implies that payments are verified by trustworthy users and have invested their assets in the system, thereby ensuring the safety of the entire platform.

The PoI method is better for the environment than the PoW method. Recently, in Quartz piece, BTC’s PoW process consumes roughly similar total energy annually to 23 coal-fired power plants. One of BTC’s most significant downsides is prompting prominent players like Elon Musk to refrain from adopting it in his businesses. Because NEM employs a far more environmentally friendly approach, it will achieve a more prominent target population.

According to the price chart, the XEM price increased by about 329 percent from January to March. The value subsequently plummeted, reaching a minimum of $ 0.084 on June 2021. Hitherto, the pricing has now been trading horizontally for almost 3 months, looking for a spark to ignite a positive upswing. This trend could already occur since the strong push out from the support line has provided more impetus to price moves.

XEM fore technical analysis

Source: EconomyWatch

Technical evaluation

According to the price chart, XEM has experienced significant volatility during the last year. In the February of 2021, a surge was preceded by a sharp drop, with current prices trading horizontally. This horizontal movement has continued since June 2021, with no real impetus in either direction.

Using smaller timeframes, you would observe that pricing is breaching away from downwards range at the moment of this writing. These patterns indicate a bullish breakout, and therefore if XEM could close beyond this range, it would be an excellent indication for people willing to invest.

Technical evaluation of NEM Price Chart

Source: EconomyWatch

There is a specific resistance near $ 0.17. Here, the price fought in early September. This trend could happen any time soon, so keep a watch on that region. Nevertheless, if the price increases to push through this resistance limit, there is a crystal clear route back to the second quarter of 2021 highs which is worth investing in.

Analysis of fundamentals

At this writing, XEM’s Market Cap is $ 1.5 billion, as stated by CoinMarketCap. As a result, XEM has been rated the 75th biggest cryptocurrency in the crypto market by market cap. In the past 24 hours, the trading volume was slightly over $86,482,943, up 71.39 % percent from the past day’s trading volume.

The ongoing quantity of XEM is 9.0 billion coins, and the total circulating supply of coins would ever exist. A lot of the circulating supply is kept by developers to assist in developing the digital currency.

Nevertheless, if XEM can obtain listings on specific world’s biggest brokers, it will help boost the XEM’s liquidity, which would benefit the pricing over a long period.

Importantly, NEM does not utilize smart contracts and, therefore, aims at a market segment that does not depend on this idea.

Many individuals purchase Cardano because smart contracts are changing the mode business operations are enabled in several industries. Because NEM does not use smart contract capabilities, they may have difficulties shortly. 

Nevertheless, if smart contracts eventually fail to be popular as anticipated, NEM could be unaffected.

Support levels and resistance levels for NEM (XEM)

 The chart shown below depicts the support and resistance level for (XEM)NEM.

Support level and resistance level for NEM

Source: TheNewsCrypto

 Beyond all doubts, the following represents XEM’s resistance level and support level based on the weekly period mentioned above.

 • 1st Resistance Level– $0.24

 • 2nd Resistance Level – $0.36

 • 3rd Resistance Level– $0.52

 • 4th Support Level- $0.13

 • 5th Support Level – $0.08

The charts reveal that XEM has been doing well during the last month. Nonetheless, if the trend holds, XEM may break over its resistance level at $0.52. In contrast, if traders abandon the cryptocurrency, the price of XEM may fall to nearly $0.08, indicating a harmful warning.

NEM (XEM) price prediction

2021 NEM price prediction

Interestingly, the year 2021 may be a watershed moment for NEM (XEM) since it has begun the introduction of the PAX stable currency on its blockchain. This development would significantly accelerate and assist the actual practical uses of NEM. Following a recent price drop, the currency has begun to rebound.

XEM’s market valuation is at $0.17 on the 16th of October, indicating a potential consolidation. According to the most recent crypto headlines and historical statistics, it may climb to $0.50 by the close of this year following consolidation.

2021 NEM Price Prediction

Source: TheNewsCrypto

2022 NEM price prediction

With so many people purchasing XEM coins in the past year, participation in the trade could only contribute to the value of XEM within the market rapidly and incorporate its blockchain in numerous applications. Because of widespread usage, investment values may increase to $0.58 by December of 2022.

2023 NEM price prediction

Even though analysts predict the NEM cryptocurrency trade will reach a high average price of $0.72 even by the end of May 2023.

Moreover, at this time, it may prioritize specific alliances and technical advances to enhance its ecosystem. It would also be safer to bet on the NEM trading at approximately $0.70 after 2023.

2024 NEM price prediction

The NEM price prediction of different experts did not affect NEM crypto’s ability to surpass its competitors. Regardless, the NEM ecosystem has established higher standards for itself. The NEM will outperform the target price of all cryptocurrency traders who’ve already discovered this platform to be highly engaging and straightforward, rising to $0.85.

2025 NEM price forecast

Significant technological advancements and product debuts may be on the horizon, supported by a plethora of ecosystems. It will not surprise that NEM’s price will rise within the $1 to $1.2 level by 2025, but this cannot be considered a highly optimistic and upbeat forecast.

NEM price forecast 2025

Source: CryptoNews

NEM forecast 2025-2027

Over the next five years, the value of NEM will rise between $0.19 to $0.46 maximum price, or a 143% rise. NEM would begin 2025 at $0.19, rise to $0.23 during the first half of the year, and end at $0.27. That is a 48 percent increase from today.

NEM forecast 2028-2032

During this time, the NEM price would climb from a minimum price of $0.46 to the expected maximum price of $0.64, a +39 percent increase. NEM will begin 2028 at $0.46, rise to $0.49 during the first part of the year, and end at $0.52. It is about +172 percent higher than it is now.


XEM (NEM) price prediction has addressed all there is to know regarding XEM, as well as some statistical insight into future price moves. As you already know, XEM is NEM’s native cryptocurrency, with the ecosystem delivering an exceptional consensus process that challenges BTC and ETH. If NEM can gain traction outside of Asia, we may expect substantial price fluctuations in XEM in the future.

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Is it a good investment to buy NEM in 2021?

Yes, that is correct. NEM is the creation of masterminds who have spent years studying and working on blockchain. With a well-thought-out plan and goal, NEM is poised to impact the whole cryptocurrency industry significantly, making it a good investment.

NEM will overcome all obstacles to remain a popular token on cryptocurrency exchanges. On a negative scale, although it may not blast the roof off the market, this asset will undoubtedly remain strong on any exchange.

How is NEM gaining traction in the market?

The price of XEM has risen due to investor confidence since it has risen compared to other currencies like Ethereum and BTC. The statistics show that NEM has existed for a long time and is worthy of investors’ hard-earned money, showing its value versus rivals.

Is it possible that NEM will make me wealthy in the near future?

No empty promises but just a piece of investment advice. At about the same time, there is no hope for the future. Everything comes down to widespread acceptance. Before investing, investors must do extensive due research on the product. You must invest prudently and strategically and do your research.

Is it safe to use the NEM Network?

 Yes. To protect its network, NEM employs the Ed25519 public-key authentication scheme and the SHA3 hash technique.

Is NEM considered a cryptocurrency?

NEM is more than simply a coin. Above all, and most significantly, NEM is a peer-to-peer service that provides features like remittances, messaging asset exchange, and smart contracts.

Why should I choose NEM while Bitcoin is available?

Most crypto coins, including Bitcoin, are digital currencies. Some are application-specific, while others are just cryptocurrency. NEM is more than just a cryptocurrency; it is also a solution ecosystem.

As a network, it has more to offer. A node does not need a lot of processing power or energy to operate as a cryptocurrency. NEM also argues for a low entrance barrier via Proof of Importance (POI) rather than the conventional ones that need many stakes or computer capacity to mine.

What am I able to accomplish using NEM?

Even without a financial institution, you may make and receive funds and communications on a worldwide scale swiftly, securely, and at a cheap cost. You may buy/sell/trade properties and products all around the globe. More exciting features, including asset investing, smart contracts, and colored tokens, are expected in the future.

Disclaimer. The information provided is not trading advice. holds no liability for any investments made based on the information provided on this page. We strongly recommend independent research and/or consultation with a qualified professional before making any investment decisions.

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