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The crypto market seems to be collapsing these days, at least this is what the panic sellers are seeing. Long term holders are simply accumulating more coins, cheaper coins.

Check out the following tweet.

There’s a massive market manipulation taking place these days and Elon Musk is obviously a part of the issue.

Crypto market manipulation

Check out the following clip:

What’s happening at the moment in the crypto space is Bitcoin executing a TEXTBOOK Wyckoff Distribution in the 2021 Bull Run.

Someone said: “Great theory. Before watching this, my theory was that whales just wanted to execute more shorts near the 60k level, and Bitcoin in nature just moves very aggressively. Wyckoff models don’t need to be played out exactly like the textbook.”

One other person said: “There is a lot of illuminated theories around. But after seeing your Wyckoff analysis on Bitcoin last month, I read a lot and find your study of this situation was clever and serious. You got another follower.”

Crypto exchange Gemini’s twins are addressing the importance of holding to your crypto through volatility.

Hold through volatility

Check out their posts on social media below.


A folower said: “Exactly. Cryptos are a game changer and haven’t even begun mass adoption. Banks cities and nations will be getting into the space. We are still early, and have so much value to offer. Cryptos are the future. Few understand how early we are. Just hold and turn off the screen.”

Tyler Winklevoss also had something to say:

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