New Data Show India Leads World with 100 Million Crypto Users

New Data Show India Leads World with 100 Million Crypto Users

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  1. They understand GOLD/inflation for centuries.

    Bitcoin is just another step. They are very money savvy but with a financially oppressive government right now. They will succeeded soon.

  2. Makes sense.

    Countries to watch with btc adoption. That will truly get the attention of central banks around the world.


    Any of these countries seriously start asking for bitcoin. Things could get interesting.

    Ie. Russia telling the ESB they don’t want trashy euros. They’ll want btc for their natural gas reserves.

    I can’t wait for this future. Power to the sovereign.

  3. tldr; A new report by TripleA gives comprehensive information on cryptocurrency ownership in the world. India is the leader with the largest number of cryptocurrency users, with more than 100 million people. 79% of crypto owners are male, versus 21% female. 58% of owners are under age 34.

    *This summary is auto generated by a bot and not meant to replace reading the original article. As always, DYOR.*

  4. I shifted half of my stock market fund to crypto, both staking and trading !! Invested nearly $50,000 !

    Getting almost $400-500 staking income every month which is restaked too !! Its good for indian standard of living, especially when its side income😂😅

    Bought “Ledger nano X” hard wallet, so if Indian govt. Bans crypto will shift everything to ledger !

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