New Project Timeline for ErgoDex, DEX ontop both Ergo and Cardano

Since images aren’t allowed here I guess I’ll need to give you a DD.

ErgoDex is a catalyst proposal that aims to launch and test a DEX that has shared liquidity between order book and AMM on their own blockchain this month, allowing them to battle-test it before smart-contracts on Goguen go live on Cardano. [Development timeline here]( Thereafter they hope to do trustless swaps, sidechaining and other cool stuff with Cardano by utilising the eUTxO model.

Ergo is a PoW blockchain based on the same eUTxO model as Cardano. This is an extended version of Bitcoins originally UTxO design. Ergo was founded by 2 IOHK scholars, the lead dev – Alex ‘kushti’ chepurnoy was a core dev at NXT (the first true PoS), he then developed founded, (They rebranded to Chainlink after Alex left). He then built scoreX the ‘utterly simple blockchain framework` and released it for free. Waves and a few other crypto‘s are developed on top of this. This caught Charles Hoskinson’s attention and invited him to join IOHK. He then left to start a Proof of Work, for the people.

Erg had no pre-mined coins, no ICO and no VC funding. The algorithm is ASIC resistant, written in scala and consistently topping whattomine. Here’s an excerpt from [the manifesto](

>Cryptocurrency should provide tools to enrich ordinary people. Their small businesses providing no much above making ends meet, not depersonalized big financial capital. This is what inspired me. This is my dream.

>The tools of a cryptocurrency in the eyes of the original broad community vision should allow people to do economic activity whatever the business size, geographic location, interest rates set by big players, and so on.

>The tools should allow people to do contracts (digital, self-enforcing, reasonable smart contracts) regardless of the differences in jurisdictions, traditions, followed business practices, etc.

>I hope Ergo will be useful here. Thousands of small cooperatives and individual entrepreneurs are more important to healthy and sustainable wealth growth around the globe than a couple of corporations hiding profits in offshore heavens.

>As an example, let’s consider the use and integration with communities, cooperative federations, nonprofit foundations, and philanthropic trusts.

>Let’s try to create grassroots finance. Yes, many other things can be built, but I think this goal of mine should not be forgotten. My dream is smart contracts that help create value and protect the common people.

ErgoDex is being launched with this ethos in mind, which is a breath of fresh air after all these dodgy ICOs and little to show for it (Ergo has had contracts for their DEX publically available for months.)

>Every single day we receive funding proposals

>We just want to remind you that the only way to invest in ErgoDEX is to start using its services after its official release

>There are no exclusive pre-sales, no gimmicks, or special treatment!

>Support projects with a fair launch

But since we’re here I guess I’ll keep going because there’s just too much good stuff at ergo being ignored.

They launched the world’s first UTxO stablecoin at, which hasn’t lost its peg during this crash, they launched the world’s first non-custodial and non-interactive coin mixer – ErgoMixer. They have working Oracles, A crowdfunder in development, they’re using “NiPoPoWs” to let people download the chain quickly and my favourite – A Trustless Local Exchange Trading System. A system that allows people to create a local currency outside the monetary system and exchange goods and services. Now, before the inevitable screeching of “shill” – as someone who was involved in the cyberpunk space from before the times of bitcoin (WU/MG -> e-gold -> Liberty Reserve, iirc) this is something I’ve been waiting on for a long time — and I agree with the manifesto that this market I’ve returned to is a little sad. If anywhere else can do trustless lets, or has half the cool stuff ergo has. Let me know so I can go shill them.

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  1. Hey look more ADA/ERGO shilling. Your project must be awesome if you have to spam this shit everyday


    How can you back ERGO and ADA? They are both smart contract platforms with one major difference. ERGO has working smart contracts. So, tell me why you dont just support ERGO if its supposedly the next whatever? Even your lord and savior says its the shit.

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