New Technologies In The Cryptocurrency Field

New Technologies In The Cryptocurrency Field

What is the hallmark of successful investors? Ability to see the perspective.

That is why today we are going to talk about staking. Keeping money in bank accounts for some reasons may be unprofitable, thanks to inflation.

Staking is different: c 

So what exactly is staking?

It is a way to ensure the operability of the blockchain network and, at the same time, an innovative tool for passive earnings.

It is used in networks with a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) algorithm, which was invented in 2012, and completely replaces mining, allowing new blocks to be mined and transactions processed without using large computing power.

For example, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin use the Proof-of-Work (PoW) algorithm and mining for the operability of the blockchain.

On the other hand, Ethereum will use Proof-of-Stake soon, because it significantly increases the level of scaling. That is why companies like Stake Club started to use staking as a way of making a profit for their users. 

How does it work?

Users block a certain number of coins on the cryptocurrency wallet, which are used to ensure the operation of the network.

While the coins are staking, they cannot be spent, but a percentage is charged on them. Thus, the user is rewarded for allowing his assets to be used to keep the network up and running.

Technically, staking is similar to a bank deposit. The idea is the same: the client makes a deposit and cannot use it until the term of the deposit expires.

At this time, the bank uses this money for its own needs and pays interest to the client. 

What is the hallmark of passive income?

It is effortless. Investors don’t need to take any action. That is why Stake Club offers its users staking as a tool for passive income. No expensive equipment is needed.

StakeClub eliminates the need for constant purchases of expensive equipment and energy consumption. Everyone has an opportunity to easily use the service by paying for the package in public currency – Bitcoin.

It ensures the security of the network and payments. 

With a huge number of packages, each investor gets an individual approach in Stake Club. The safety and privacy of its users are vital for the company.

That is why they offer a reliable staking platform suitable for both beginners and professional investors.

Stake Club’s experts have studied the crypto world and staking to the smallest detail and they want to inspire their users to do the same.

After purchasing the package the user will calmly watch the balance slowly but surely increase.

As a bonus Stake Club gives an opportunity for everyone to be involved in the company’s referral program: each user can invite their friend via a personal referral link. Each package has its own referral level.

After activating the referral’s package, the user will start to receive its bonus. In case of any questions about the work of the site, the team of support specialists from [email protected] will explain everything and answer all the questions.

For more information about staking and news from the crypto world, users can subscribe to the company’s social networks.

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