Newspapers claiming BTC is a significant factor in climate change need to stop pushing an agenda.

Im sick of these articles.

Considering the cheapest energy is green energy whilst bitcoin is undeniably energy intensive, it doesnt mean its burning coal at the rate of big corporations.

Its strange how much damage big corporations do yet newspapers stay awfully quiet about them but whine about Bitcoin.

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  1. While these are definitely sensationalist clickbait articles I think we should acknowledge that bitcoins energy consumption is a real issue that will continue to get worse and worse. If we assume bitcoin hashrate increases linearly with price then at the current energy consumption which is roughly equal to Argentina (125000 GWhr / year) the price of bitcoin reaching 1 million would cause the hashrate to increase by a factor of 19, making the overall energy consumption 2.4 million GWhr or larger than the entire county of India that in third place

  2. I agree, you bring up a good point

    ENERGY is crucial for our Tech savvy, tech heavy world

    7 billion people and growing, even Africa is getting into Crypto

    Energy will always be key on regards to how BEST to utilize Natural energy is a better question

    Newspapers, papers even Local ones that were great are being gobbled up by big corporations, why? So they can CONTROL the news

    I.e. Denver Post, awesome, unbiased newspaper, they got bought up, their journalist pocketed literally saying let us do our jobs as journalist and sell us!

    I would focus on green energy, you gotta dig deeper and at the bigger picture…imo

  3. Newspapers and scientific journals have been CLAMORING against climate change and the damage done by big corporations FOR DECADES!

    Now, that some attention is being shown to the dangers and viability of BTC and ETH, this is where you get upset?

  4. > Its strange how much damage big corporations do yet newspapers stay awfully quiet about them but whine about Bitcoin.

    The climate change narrative is a fear cudgel employed by various governments as a method to usurp the civil liberties of their citizens. Of course BTC and ETH are huge drivers of climate change while corporations are “building back better” or whatever the fuck, it’s surprising that you’re surprised by this.

  5. I think the profit motive and the energy cost component would naturally push miners toward green energy as it’s become the cheapest option in many places.

  6. Global warming has been happening since the ICE AGE. this new age BS is nothing buta money grab for the ones claiming it. So can anyone tell me how many civilizations have been on Earth before us. How many cycles has the earth gone through. And the dumb hippies just slurp it up, like Cool Aid so the Soros types get rich off dumb yuppies guilt. Humans are passive and pathetic.

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  8. Electric cars take more power to charge then most residential miners sitting around 2gh a day. Also anyone seen that netflix show seaspiracy? If not watch it whole global warming is a agenda and if that show has truth to it fix the ocean and no more warming of the sea.

  9. Lol, you think the media are going to stop pushing an agenda? Have you been paying attention the last 4, …, maybe 8, …, maybe 16 years?

    They push an agenda because that’s what makes them money. People don’t want facts, they want to be told what to think (I.e. “analysis”). Until that changes, you might as well get used to the idea that the media will push their narrative, with or without the facts on their side.

    Frank Fingerman



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