Next Week (hopefully)

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  1. Bitcoin futures expire tomorrow, the bastages that have been holding things down from 58 should let up…. this weekend, friday night should be improved and rise through sunday.

  2. I believe we are gonna have to wait a bit more than just a few weeks for that. Looking at it right now, may be that correction is not over and we may test 46K again. And if so, I bet it will go sideways for a looong time before kicking up again.

  3. Take into account the trends over the last couple of years and you’ll find March has always proven to be a hard month for bitcoin. I would expect dips to around the $38k mark before we see the numbers nearer to $60k and beyond.

  4. Nah, March has always been a negative month for btc. Well see a rise in april again, maybe 60/70k ish maybe well hit 80k before augustus only to see it fall down again in august to 50/55k. And after that its moon time

  5. Realistically, futures action points to 48k tops in terms of volume for the month of Feb.

    March has been a down month 8/10 times.

    April we may start towards an uptick.

    Just my 2 sats.

  6. Gonna do a bit of future predictin’, since everyone else has theories. gather round the fire, youngins:

    It’ll dip. More than we’d like. Say, 40-44k Speculation like crazy. “Bitcoin is deeeeeaaaaad”. There’ll be some dooming, but it’ll start to pick back up after that – exceeding 60k by mid-to-late March and passing it quickly. Then do this same exact thing for months: gain, dip, gain, dip, flatline, dip, gain, repeat.

    Then it’ll crash again, maybe this winter: not going below 10k but still massively bumming people out… this’ll last a few months before it picks up again and the cycle continues.

    Then again, 🍆

    edit – 3pm PST 2/27/21 – Here’s the dip. HODL on, everyone.

  7. Reading lots about timing regarding how quickly the asset will reach new highs. While BTC started as a TRADE, it has evolved into a more of an INVESTMENT. While the change of price from the 50’s to 60’s is largely controlled by macrosize factors (institutional buys, governments), I don’t disagree with the “save now for the future price rise” mindset. BUT, remember things like diversification and your specific investing PLAN. When will you get in? How much? When will you get out? How much is enough gain? How much is enough loss? BTC, whether a “good” start or not, is providing many young investors with their first experience in the market. After decades in the market I can say there HAVE been other BTC-type stocks that many without plans HAVE lost millions on. In general, believe in BTC. It’s real. But remember how to treat your INVESTMENT.

  8. I believe it’s being controlled and manipulated by institutions that we all know hold massive positions. BTC has been corrupted for awhile. I’ll never sell because it’s not about price it’s about utility for the future IMO. Don’t forget that coinbase is going public soon and visa is trying to buy BTC. If your in crypto for the money look at the various alt coins that have out performed BTC. Good luck everyone and HODL ON it’s about to get scary for the retail type who are looking for a quick buck.

  9. I expect a waterfall of announcements of companies adding crypto to their balance sheets or accepting it in some way over the next two months due to reporting requirements. FOMO was real last week as I helped 3 boomers buy their first crypto…

  10. It will go down to 42k next week. People will get their tax returns soon and most likely people will invest in bitcoin. So, in the middle of march or end of march bitcoin will rise to 60k+

  11. Way too soon! I’d be happy for it to stay below 50k for the rest of the year. As someone who’s been in Bitcoin since 2014, corrections like this are expected and necessary. Patience my friends



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