NFT Bunny enters into a partnership with OVR


NFT Bunny, the innovative platform that combines marketplaces and social networks for NFT creators and crypto art lovers, is preparing to launch with a great news: an agreement has been made with OVR which makes NFT Bunny even more intriguing.

The NFT System and the metaverse

“Thanks to this partnership, OVR, a leading platform in the NFT system and in the creation of metaverses, will allow top creators to exhibit their works in a gallery in the metaverse.-said Ilaria Stirpe, Maurizio Dalco and Paolo Pacitto co-founders of NFT Bunny -. This will allow artists and their fans to have a unique and immersive experience in virtual reality. This new feature enriches the already wide range of features that make NFT Bunny unique in its kind”.

In fact, NFT Bunny is above all a multichain platform: NFTs can be minted in a simple and intuitive way on Ethereum, Polygon, or Binance Smart Chain. This guarantees authenticity and exclusivity to each minted token.The NFTs created within NFT Bunny can be sold on the platform, with a public or private sale, even with the content obscured, a feature that “shrouds the non-fungible token being traded in mystery”.

NFT Bunny guarantees creators to monetize directly from the sale of their work, without intermediaries. In addition, not only does the artist earn when he sells his NFT, but he receives a fee every time his work is in turn exchanged by other users.

A Unique environment

This structure focuses on creators and their works, offering a unique environment where NFTs can be born and live and where artists can have visibility, through their dedicated and interactive page, built on the model of the most common social networks, and through virtual galleries.

NFT Bunny has its own token, BUN, which will be launched on the market shortly in the form of a presale. It is an ERC20 token based on Ethereum, whose total supply is set at 1,000,000,000 tokens.The presale will kick off with five consecutive rounds starting on Sunday 5 December and will close on Wednesday 22 December. Then the actual token sale will follow which will lead BUN to be listed on DEX and/or CEX being defined. All details will be released on NFT Bunny’s official social channels.

The BUN token is a utility token: it will be functional to the use of the platform and to the governance of NFT Bunny, which is based on the EthereansOS protocol, an evolution of DFOs.Pending the launch of the platform and the start of the pre-sale, pre-registrations at are open. The milestone of 1,000 subscribers has already been crossed to demonstrate the buzz around the platform. Until November 30, those who sign up will receive 50 BUN tokens as a welcome gift.

About NFT Bunny

NFT Bunny is a platform that allows content creators to create and sell exclusive limited-edition digital content, content that until now has not been possible to exploit and monetize adequately.

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