NFT Marketplace Colexion Signs Exclusive Contract with Indian Celebrities and Sport Stars

NFT Marketplace Colexion Signs Exclusive Contract with Indian Celebrities and Sport Stars

Colexion is the largest NFT marketplace from India that fosters mutual support for celebrities, digital collectors, and creators. It is emerging into one of the most popular platforms in the digital space which deals with digital art.

It is a digital platform for artists, sports icons, musicians, creators, and collectors, to collect, purchase, hold and sell digital art represented by non-fungible tokens(NFTs).  As a result artists, players, and celebrities around the globe procure and showcase their  NFTs worldwide via auctions, interactive museums, and awards that Colexion organizes.

Primarily, Colexion aims to strengthen the relationship between artists and their fans through establishing a value-added platform for digital artworks. 

As a worldwide marketplace, it offers various preferable features relating to NFTs and other digital artworks.

One more thing, Colexion is a global crypto establishment listed on a polygon network.

NFTs as the name implies, is unique Non- Fungible Token. The appeal of NFTs derives from their uniqueness because they cannot be replaced with similar products or copies of the same type. Thus people create NFTs that represent music, painting, memes, videos, gaming collectibles, and others. As a word of note, NFTs establish proof of ownership as well as providing a sense of belonging, amazing memories, gaming collectibles, all secured with NFT technology. 

Colexion is geared towards becoming the world’s largest digital collectible gallery across major niches including sports, movies, music, and the arts. Its passion lies on nothing but to make NFTs accessible to everyone in the world by curating enticing NFT categories as,

  • Movies
  • Trump cards
  • Merchandise
  • Game
  • Museum
  • Unique Tournaments
  • Live zones

As we note, Colexion focuses on various forms of digital art, collectibles in the sports, entertainment, and fashion industry, among others.  

One aspect that distinguishes  Colexion from similar NFT focused projects is its celebrity museum that shows the real-life activities of celebrities to their fans. It also creates in-house short biographies for celebrities that will exist on its platform.  

Why does Colexion have a place in the hearts of NFT Lovers?

Research shows that only about 18% of all Nigerians and 27% of Americans are familiar with  NFTs. However, the figure is even lower in other countries. This shows the need to educate global citizens about NFTs and other digital assets.  

Another challenge that exists in the area of NFTs is the divide between fans and artists. 

Sadly, many digital platforms create short-lived engagements of fans and artists which is not enough to build the desired artist-fan relationship in different industries, be it sport, art, or entertainment. This is where Colexion comes in to bridge the gap between artists and their fans. It has the means that will radically change the way the collectible industry is currently functioning. 

How does Colexion create value for Celebrities?

NFTs are incredibly important to artists as they help to create a direct relationship between content creators and their fans enabling better engagement between the two parties. Ultimately celebrities benefit in the following ways: 

  • They earn huge profits on the sale and resales of their artworks
  • They are able to  interact with their close fans in real life. In this case they use  Colexion live auctions
  • They gain a global presence on one of the most popular networks in the world (Colexion).

How does Colexion contribute to unique NFTs?

Colexion is a platform that helps artists and celebrities to reach a global NFT market. How does it achieve this? 

  • NFT museum: This is a platform where fans can visit and interact with their artist and others in real time through Oculus VR.
  • Short film: Engagement is attained through creating biographies and short films for celebrities.
  • Trump cards and games: The skills of celebrities appear on these cards.
  • Holding of Classic Tournaments

More interestingly,  fans benefit by connecting with their favorite artists on personal levels. They will have access to their artist hall of fame using CLXN, a native of Colexion.

The fans also have early access to participate in special NFT auctions.

Also, fans relive some precious memories by participating in private events.

Finally, the simplicity of the Colexion platform enables users to navigate it and use it with ease. This applies to both learned and the unlearned as well as the crypto gurus and those with limited knowledge about the crypto space. 

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