NFT Platform ($PRT) & TosDis Ecosystem Enter Into a Collaboration


TosDis has recently announced a collaboration with Portion, an auction house for NFT arts, collectibles, and music. 

Lately, Portion has made a lot of announcements that will bring great opportunities for TosDis as well. Portion has reportedly undergone the following updates. 

  • Drops with Stevie Williams x Virgil Abloh, 2 Chainz x GUCCIGHOST, Be Svendsen x Android Jones, TOHI x Antoni Tudisco, The Black Eyed Peas, and more.
  • Launching the Portion v3 platform is a convenient UI for creators and collectors to transact and flourish. 
  • Collaborated with the NFT team of Mark Cuban. 

What is this partnership offer?

 This collaboration with Portion will offer incentives worth 5.75 Million in $PRT and will go on for one month.

  • Portion will soon be adding PRT-BNB and PRT-ETH farming. It will offer a reward of 2 Million PRT on the BSC side and 3 Million PRT on ETH. 
  • Portion will soon add single-stake PRT. It will offer rewards worth 250,000 PRT on the BSC side and 500,000 PRT on the ETH side. 

This collaboration is the most unique to date. TosDis has split $150,000 across ETH & BSC staking and farming pools. 


Portion is an online marketplace that enables collectors and even artists to connect through blockchain technology. With Portion, one can invest, sell, and buy collectibles and art with seamless transparency. 


TosDis is a DeFi Interoperable Solution. It is a permissionless and one-roof destination for white-label solutions and services like staking, liquidity staking, and yield farming. Moreover, it is an affordable and secure solution. Moreover, TosLabs is an incubator protocol of TosDis. It aims to provide a seamless experience to new and unique projects and push them to achieve new heights.

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