NFTpad and Magnus Capital Announce Strategic Partnership


The ecosystem of the NFTPad has a new entrant in the form of Magnus Capital. This will add to the capabilities of the NFTPad platform and help accelerate its growth among the target audience. The integration is also important for Magnus Capital, which has been investing in blockchain technology since the year 2017. Of late, Magnus Capital has been specifically focusing on funding the projects which are developing scalable solutions for the blockchain industry. 

The rationale behind the partnership lies in creating a win-win situation for the stakeholders of both companies in the compact. NFTPad will draw on the expertise that Magnus Capital has in the domain of digital assets. The primary areas where the expertise of Magnus Capital will come in handy include developing growth, marketing, and promotion strategies, expediting listing on exchanges, getting access to both front and back-end developers, raising the capital money, and getting banking and legal setup services. Previous projects that the Magnus Capital has successfully completed include Blank Wallet, Onomy, DAO Maker, TrustSwap, MahaDAO, and Royale, among others. 

The top echelons of both organizations have expressed their joy and excitement over this collaboration. These people are optimistic about the idea of working together as they see opportunities to explore and derive synergy from each other’s strengths. It will be interesting to witness the level of benefit this partnership will bring to the table, especially adding to the existing list of clients for both companies.  

In terms of strategic relevance, the association is important for the domain of blockchain technology. Experts and analysts in the blockchain domain are closely watching this association as this can have an important bearing on the performance of the ecosystem of the blockchain industry. As the focus of this partnership is to generate scalable solutions for the users in the open ledger domain, the integration can become instrumental in the advancement of the entire industry.

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