NFTs Are the Next Crypto Bubble.

**Mark Cuban, and a few other big names are jumping in on NFT’s hard and quick.**


**BUND** or **Bundle Finance** is the Coin to get in now imo.*Innovative staking and gaming Defi platform bringing a whole new method of earning APY.*


**Current MC:** 2.25m


**Current Price:** $23.18


Coins on issue:

96k, founders / owners hold apprx 10k, so there is really only 86k coins to be traded around currently. Which means this can move up fast.


Purchased through **UNISWAP for now.**


**About to happen:**

1. – Deal announcement tomorrow (3/02/2021)
2. – New DEX listing coming up
3. – New partnership with $200M+ cap to be announced
4. – APY earnings and NFT
5. – Potential airdrop
6. – Major news this week


See photos for news dropped via telegram, 2.5k members currently (not allowed to drop link here.)


Reminds me of **$YFI Yearn Finance**.The coin mooned from **$739 to $51,859. 67X gains.**Had a real small circulating supply of **36,635.**


**Next crypto bubble is going to be in NFTs.**



This digital cat sold for close to **US$600K.**


Imagine digital Pokémon decks or baseball cards tradeable as crypto currency .

BUND is going to have **NFT launching in March** as well as **APY with fixed supply.**



As always, this does not constitute as financial advice and is in my opinion only, i suggest you do your own research.

Disclosure: Im in for the punt on this one. Buy what youre willing to lose.






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  1. Gotta say after a short background research the team behind BUND is shady to say the least. Simon Lewis (co-founder) tweets in 2020 that BUND looks like the best project he has ever seen and recommends it. Like he hasn’t co-found it.

    His only previous project was Elevate Health which no longer has a website despite promoting actively up until 2019. His co-founder at this company was Alastair Modley. Once again Alastair’s history is not something to trust based on his tweets only.

  2. I stick to FLOW (Dapper labs). They have real partners (NBA, Warner, UFC) and so far one real product (NBA Top Shots). Just in it for the money, because NFTs are beyond my understanding.

  3. I have a feeling this will end up like the ico bubble. However I think alot of good will come from a pop and things will steady out and the space will be huge. I’m super bullish on the space specially when I read about the potential of nft’s for video games. I’m excited to see the space grow and see where it is in 3-5 years.

  4. Oh, you mean Crypto Beanie Babies? Hard pass. ![gif](emote|emo_pack_1|nooo)

    Look.. I get that certain crypto games or other blockchains can utilize NFTs… but sellling this as digital art that’s own able. Uuuhhh.

  5. Ok Op, I just bought like 10 of these things. Just wanted to point out that the founders only have 10k of 97.5k they do not have 50% of the supply. Any coin that has rhe founders holding 50% is a scam in my book, sonyou might want to edit your post.

  6. NFTs are a real mixed bag. There is so much trash, as people are clearly just trying to cash in on the next hype train. Also, a lot of stuff is wayyy overvalued.


    They will explode over the years.
    They are really just digital certificates of ownership, inforgable, immutable, decentralised.
    Imagine CSGO gun skins, but they are owned via NFT, and they can be used in other games too. They don’t have to translate 1:1, if you own say a pink camo AK47 in CSGO, that could translate to a pink camo Ferrari in Gran Turismo, for example.
    Property deeds, on NFTs.
    Digitial ID cards.

    Unique tokens are going to play a massive part of the future. How to profit on that? Consider their added value when speculating on networks they will likely run.
    I personally expect the majority to run on ETH, maybe Stellar. There is no need for them to be on exclusive coins. On Eth, they could integrate with the rest of the vast ecosystem being built there.

  7. A lot of people are confused over NFTs. It’s not just art and digital images. Potential is endless. All the big crypto names are getting around it. They were all early to the bitcoin game too.
    – Gary Vaynerchuk
    – Mark Cuban
    – Changpeng Zhao (CZ Binance)
    – Tyler Winklevoss (FB founder)

  8. Art collectables are highly valued because of elements that cannot be duplicated, even if it is replicated to the exact.

    For example the type of paint used and going through aging, or hidden painting that got painted over.

    Who cares about owning the original if the duplicate are almost to the exact quality since it’s digital.

    It’s really just for the ultra rich experimenting.

  9. Nft and talk about apy in the same phrase is nosense…nft coins needs strong partnerships and a functional market from the start…i think you need something like TerraVirtua, not this coin

  10. They are forgetting people store monetary value in art for lack of a better vehicle. Somehow they forgot that we in the crypto sphere have found the ultimate store of value that will reduce the value of all other assets to their utility value Without the monetary premium. Kinda funny and Super ironic.

  11. Anything scarce has value, and that value is likely to increase over time. A digital image can be copied infinitely. An NFT cannot. It is the digital equivalent to creating a single painting. That’s been the main barrier for digital photography and art for a long time.

    It’s a solution to a novel problem, and I believe in it.

  12. NFT is just the buzzword now because nobody really understands it. Just throwing out random NFTs doesn’t make them valuable. People will soon realize what those NFTs that are good for nothing else are worth = zilch.

  13. Yeah and that shit is going to crash like crazy! It’s a shame because it’s actually a very useful thing. But let me see… 20k for a small little picture… ARE THESE IDIOTS INSANE?????



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