NFTs: the latest news on CryptoPunks, Sorare and Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair NFT

Latest news from NFTs: Gamification company Ether Cards just announced that they are giving away 30 CryptoPunk NFTs to anyone who buys 1 million Dust tokens. This giveaway will start on 30 September. Those who have already bought NFTs on this platform will receive Dust tokens.

Sorare and record-breaking figures

French company Sorare announced yesterday that it has received $680 million in a Series B investment round led by Softbank. This brought the company to a $4.3bn valuation and it now plans to open new offices in the US.

Sorare is among the market leaders when it comes to NFTs and gaming. Its fantasy football based on the Ethereum blockchain has been supported by a large audience since its inception. 

Vanity Fair Italia sold a NFT cover for $25,000

Newspaper covers become NFTs

Vanity Fair Italia made an NFT cover that sold today for $25,000. This tokenized cover depicts the singer Elodie. The work will be unveiled at 2 PM (CET) today on the website and social channels of the Condé Nast weekly. The sum has been entirely donated to the non-profit organization Pangea.

Italian “Corriere della Sera” also announced a similar move today: on 23 September it will auction on NiftyGateway an NFT of one of its historical front pages reinterpreted by the artist Andrea Bonaceto, also famous for having created NFTs with the robot Sophia.

In fact, CEO and co-Founder of the SuperWorld metaverse, Hrish Lotlikar, pointed out how NFT technology can help everyone create new forms of income even to later donate the proceeds to charity.

“NFT technology helps society because it enables creators to utilize the technology to provide people with access to sources of income, and enables them to create assets that can benefit causes that they believe in”.


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