NFTs: the most famous collectors in the world

NFT Collectors

There is a lot of talk about crypto art artists and NFT marketplaces, but who are the collectors who even on a daily basis buy these assets and fund the non-fungible token market?

The top NFT collectors

Each NFT platform, such as SuperRare, compiles its own ranking of the trending collectors of the moment. 

Looking at the top NFT collectors of the last 30 days, we find Starrynight in first place. Currently, Starrynight has 36 NFTs, having spent a total of over $15 million. Amongst the works collected on SuperRare are XCopy, Dangiuz, Beeple, Matt Kane and dozens of other well-known artists in the industry.

Looking at the “all time” charts for all SuperRare data, the top NFT collector is Colborn who has 174 NFTs and $980,096 in total spending on the platform. 

Filtering out the largest expense, the collector who after Starrynight has invested the most money in crypto art is Anonymoux with 77 works purchased for a total of $5 million

And of course we cannot fail to mention Metakovan of India, the top NFT collector of all time: he is the one who bought the $69 million Beeple work, the most expensive in the history of crypto art to date.

Among the collectors often on the trending collectors list is Poseidon NFT Fund, the Poseidon Group’s NFT investment fund and holding company for The Cryptonomist itself. In its collection we find Hackatao, Dangiuz, Federico Clapis, Giovanni Motta and many others from the Italian scene and beyond.

Tokenangels is also very famous, with a million-dollar collection that includes generative art and collectibles such as Rare Pepe.

NFT Collectors

Collectors who anticipate trends

It is certainly useful to keep an eye on their Twitter profiles to understand the trends of the moment and see which artists they are buying, as they often anticipate the trend of the NFT market, not only in terms of crypto art but also collectibles.

It is precisely these “influencers” who also hold collectibles such as CryptoPunks, Bored Apes, Crypto Mutts and so on.

An in-depth look at the topic with interviews and market analysis can be found in the first issues of The NFT Magazine, a new editorial project in the form of non-fungible tokens created in collaboration with The Cryptonomist.

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