Nice Move Coinbase. This is Innovation.

Coinbase Leads $8.5M Raise in Crypto Project Bringing DeFi to Bitcoin

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  1. coinbase is against bitcoin. they get high fees from newbs and support learning about shitcoins. i doubt this is something net positive.

    … from the article 🤡
    “Decentralized cross-chain bridging is one of the hardest problems in crypto right now, especially as multiple blockchains gain real traction,”

  2. Interesting take

    I wonder if we’re better off or not – on the one hand it would have been good if Coinbase had made a DeFi, gotten in “trouble” with the SEC, then smoothed it all over.

    OR, this is also okay, where they say “aw sorry” to the ones that signed up for some DeFI goodness at Coinbase, but then fund/support some kind of semi-P2P project, hmm

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