No-coiners don’t get it: It’s not up to the government

No-coiners don’t get it: It’s not up to the government

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  1. >Any attempt by nation states and central banks to preserve the old system, to extend the lifespan of their fiat currencies by porting them into digital forms like CBDCs are simply trying to linearly extrapolate something into a landscape that has a completely different structure. Faster horses in a new era of cars.

    This analogy explains exactly what the no coiners are missing about what bitcoin is.

  2. Also consider 0. Once you understand a concept like zero or Bitcoin, you can’t wish it away, ban it or bescreech it into giving up and going away. It’s a force of nature if nature sprung from the minds and machines of man.

  3. Actually to them, it is. Statists and collectivists are followers first and foremost. They are nothing unless they are first part of a group. But because of this they are powerless as individuals and can’t even understand or appreciate what it means to be an individual–individualism sounds to them like chaos and death (or racism and oppression, moral decay and lawlessness, or a polluted barron wasteland, etc, depending which flavor of collectivist we’re talking about). Unfortunately it also means the few opinions which they are brave enough to hold are also opinions held by the most violent and powerful organization on the planet. That’s why we have this paradoxical situation where seemingly impotent nannies, and beta-males are running everyone’s lives. Govt has successfully infantilized the population with its indoctrination camps and new found propaganda and control machines in your phones and tablets.

    Remember when it was fashionable for parents to limit tv time for kids? Now 4 yr olds get smart phones and tablets and full access to every manipulative mind control program on earth 24/7. And parents are dumb enough to think so-called “kids programming” is safe. No wonder they are helplessly addicted to mother’s milk. It might have been better if the internet didn’t change from a place for free expression and knowledge sharing to a largely centralized and manipulative illusion. Kids mistake “virtual worlds” for variety and diversity. The internet to them is just part of the natural world they were born into. It has become insidious corruption and malignant growth much like government itself. Ignored like new curtains framing the Overton Window.

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