Norton Antivirus offers cryptocurrency mining option to its users


TL;DR Breakdown

• Norton Antivirus proposes automatic mining.
• Norton will present its token in the next few months.

In the coming weeks, many people will get cryptocurrencies without installing programs, only using Norton antivirus. Norton has now launched the LifeLock feature, which is intended to generate cryptocurrencies so the user will eventually convert them into real money. You will have a security extension on your computer to give you money for just having it installed.

Norton antivirus project with cryptocurrencies

Norton Products Director Gagan Singh said the company is a pioneer in this cryptocurrency mining and security scheme. People can take advantage of their inactivity period on the computer to earn real money in cryptocurrencies. With Norton antivirus, people can extract cryptocurrencies with a few clicks on their computer, with security and control.

The unique cryptocurrency will be called “Norton Crypto,” which will be available to everyone who installs the antivirus. The company hopes to improve its platform after implementing the mining system.

Norton antivirus suggests that crypto miners have taken risks for many years, but this will be over. The system is promising because it guarantees safe browsing and cares against ransomware attacks that have become popular.

Norton Crypto functionality

Norton antivirus proposes that it wants to eliminate the web wallets usually used in mining. For now, there are no details about the system, but according to some screenshots that were leaked, this works as a group. Norton users can share rewards and make mining more automated.

In addition, Norton antivirus also aims to include predictable payments, with a focus on membership fees. These withdrawal payments can be 1%, depending on the money that the user will withdraw.

The news was received amid doubts from users who trade cryptocurrencies. Crypto mining consumes a lot of energy, so computers must perform the job. A standard computer with 2GB of RAM cannot do the process and decrypt digital currencies.

While Norton has not specified its working system, it might be founded on a dubious basis. Although this task may not be impossible, Norton’s project with crypto mining may not work as expected. Users will consume a lot of energy in their homes, and the profits they will have from mining might not cover this debt.

If the electricity payment bill is compared with the mining granted by Norton, there are substantial changes. Norton may have a slower but profitable mining system. However, it is smart to consider waiting for the following announcements from the company to see how the proposed mining could be put to work after the launch.

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