NOTEWORTHY: Coinbase ($COIN) seals its rank as the 7th biggest U.S. listing of all time

NOTEWORTHY: Coinbase ($COIN) seals its rank as the 7th biggest U.S. listing of all time

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  1. For the lazy:

    >Number one is [Airbnb]( at $86.5 billion, followed by [Facebook]( in second place ($81.7 billion), [UPS]( in third ($80.1 billion), and AT&T Wireless in fourth ($73.6 billion). The fifth and sixth finishers are [Snowflake]( at $70.2 billion, and [Uber]( at $69.9 billion.

  2. Theres an old saying, in a gold rush sell shovels, or I guess in this case invest in a shovel shop.

    But fuck stocks is too damn boring. Mint a CB coin and Im all over that. For now Id rather put the USD 300 (?) a CB stonk cost into more BNB.

  3. Yep a very good listing. MSM all over it. FT front page. WSJ. Even Al Jazeera did a puff piece.

    Old school instos chewing over what all this means. FOMO money inflow incoming.

  4. This is good for us. Crypto market cap is still trailing at USD 2T, whilst stock market is way above USD 70T. Lets get some good publicity and trickle some of those old money in. ![gif](emote|emo_pack_1|dancing_wojak)

  5. This is truely amazing and something I don’t think many people saw coming.

    It’s going to be interesting over the next few years how the stock price will go. If BTC crashes hard, will the stock also crash? Or will investors believe that crypto is the future and stay in.

    If BTC/crypto starts to fall even slightly with all its volatility, my guess is people will start to sell the stock and we could see large swings in price on that too.

  6. What’s noteworthy is how retail investors can’t 10x their money anymore in the public markets. Companies now get to $100B in private markets where ordinary folk do not have access.

  7. Great news for all the other exchanges watching from the side lines as well. Kraken, Binance and Gemini now have an idea of what could potentially happen with a public listing. Overall this is great for the space as more eyeballs are on Crypto than ever before.

  8. I would love to buy shares in Coinbase but considering I can’t trade on their platform due to AI KYC failing and cannot reach their non existent customer service I can’t bring myself to do it



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