Nothing gives me more confidence in Crypto than the negative news article I have read about the Coinbase IPO.

Just spent a couple minutes getting a good laugh at the negative news articles about the coinbase IPO

If it doesn’t read like old school money being scared I don’t know what does.

This one goes as far as to say that coinbase will need to lower there fees to 0 yes 0 to stay competitive 😂

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  1. That would hold true if there are numerous exchanges to choose from that are worth their weight in salt. To buy stocks you can go to 10 different brokerages that I can list off the top of my head as I type this post. Top exchanges for crypto right now, binance and coinbase?

    With coinbase IPOing tomorrow it actually gives me more faith in the exchange. Now they are going to have to keep investor relations up AND their current customers happy due to being publicly traded.

  2. I mean there are plenty of times that negative sentiment around an ipo was justified. You shouldn’t have confidence just because many people aren’t bullish.

    A lot of the articles also have to do with the valuation, not crypto or the business itself

  3. Many of these articles are traditional writers writing traditional articles based on what they think is traditional financial standards. One article that I saw included a lot of price quotes and other things to make it look like they were backed up by facts. Then they ended the article with something along the lines of “even though Coinbase was stable and profitable … better watch out for the boogeyman!”

    Hysterical! If they’re going to be a financial reporter then they need to truly know the topic that the writing about or else it’s sort of like malpractice.



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