Nothing makes me more confident in Crypto than all the negative news about the Coinbase IPO.

Nothing gives me more confidence in Crypto than the negative news article I have read about the Coinbase IPO.

Just spent a couple minutes getting a good laugh at the negative news articles about the coinbase IPO

If it doesn’t read like old school money being scared I don’t know what does.

This one goes as far as to say that coinbase will need to lower there fees to 0 yes 0 to stay competitive 😂

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  1. If I play it at open I’ll likely buy a small amount as soon as I can while making sure I have enough funds to average it.

    I think it’ll be a great long term play honestly

  2. Boomer naysayers are funny. They used to get mad at us for using smartphones too much, and now they use them as much as us! I see the same thing happening with crypto soon



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Even Mastercard is now entering the blockchain arena

Even Mastercard is now entering the blockchain arena

Simple and convenient way for merchants to start accepting Bitcoin and altcoins. Because it allows for crypto, card and digital payments all on one device, this will encourage more businesses to start accepting crypto. Overall, a great step towards adoption.