Now Is the Time To Buy Bitcoin With Money You Can’t Afford To Lose. The change in the narrative around Bitcoin is major.

I’ve been writing about Bitcoin daily for almost five years, and yet I’m still amazed at how quickly this incredible monetary revolution has taken off. This tends to confirm this quote from Victor Hugo that is dear to me:

“No force on earth can stop an idea whose time has come.”

― Victor Hugo

The time for Bitcoin has come, and no one can stop this idea that started in Satoshi Nakamoto’s head more than twelve years ago, before becoming a reality that is already changing the daily lives of millions of people around the world.

Buy Bitcoin only with money you can afford to lose was the dominant narrative in the previous years

Bitcoin now has more than 125 million users at last count.

That’s an incredible number when you consider that Bitcoin has never had the support of governments or private investment banks. Bitcoin has always grown because of the desire of its users to build a better world for the many in the future.

In the 2010s, many people said that you should only invest money in Bitcoin that you can afford to lose.

Back then, buying Bitcoin was certainly a lot riskier than it is today. The odds of success for a currency revolution like Bitcoin were much lower in 2011 than they are today in 2021. Bitcoin has since proven time and time again its usefulness, but more importantly its resilience to all sorts of events.

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted to the general public the flaws of the current system

The COVID-19 pandemic that has swept through the world since the beginning of 2020 has highlighted what many Bitcoiners have been saying for years. The current monetary and financial system is flawed and not fixable. The economic crisis that resulted from this pandemic has only further highlighted the limitations of this system.

More and more people are realizing every day that we are facing great monetary inflation.

To protect against this great monetary inflation, Bitcoin is emerging as the best weapon available to most people. While more than 30% of all American dollars in circulation have been printed in the last eighteen months, many understand that their purchasing power will drop drastically again in the coming years.

So the narrative around Bitcoin is changing.

The concept of hard money is speaking to more and more people. So does the concept of weak money. The US dollar and the euro are clearly weak money that can be printed out of thin air endlessly. This only devalues what a majority of people on Earth own.

Bitcoin offers an alternative solution that protects the people

Bitcoin addresses this problem in the best possible way with its limited supply of 21 million units and its programmatic monetary policy that frees us from the arbitrariness of human beings.

What initially attracts the general public to Bitcoin is its NgU feature. The price of Bitcoin has been rising steadily since its inception. So buying Bitcoin gives you the hope that the fruits of your labor will grow over time. The rest is just a matter of trust in Bitcoin, and ultimately, patience.

With the U.S. dollar, the big question is how quickly your purchasing power will fall in the future. Since 1971, it has fallen by over 85%. In the current system, you are in the middle of a vicious cycle of widespread impoverishment.

Bitcoin is clearly your way out.

The narrative now tends toward buying Bitcoin with money you can’t afford to lose

So there is an extremely interesting change in the narrative around Bitcoin. Whereas in the past people were advised to invest in Bitcoin only money they could lose, now they are advised to invest in Bitcoin money they cannot afford to lose because of the ravages of monetary inflation.

The paradigm shift here is major.

More and more people will eventually open their eyes to this reality in the months and years to come. Given Bitcoin’s monetary policy and the principles that govern the law of supply and demand, you know as well as I do what this means.

The price of Bitcoin will continue to rise sharply in the years to come. Those who have embraced this monetary revolution before others will logically be the most rewarded.

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  1. Had a conversation with a friend yesterday who’s not invested in crypto but is concerned about inflation. I explained that BTC is a good store of value since it’s deflationary….as long as you DCA in to average out the price and can cope with the volatility.

    He’s self employed so I also told him to absolutely not put money in he’s set aside for when/if he’s out of work or can’t work.

    BTC is great. But it’s too volatile right now to invest in with money you might need at short notice.

  2. This is stupid – don’t spend what you can’t afford to lose. There’s no guarantee of payoff no matter how bullish you are (and I’m bullish af)
    Please don’t risk the health and safety of your family over BTC. If you need to decide between food, rent or bills versus BTC, pay your fucking bills.

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