Now that China has called Bitcoin and investment alternative, get ready for a gigantic bull run!

This is huge. Extremely huge. I have a prediction for this week. This is going to be the beginning of a massive massive massive bull run. You guys ready?

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  1. This is quite incredible. China already comprises of 18% of world GDP, and this share will only go up in the future. Chinese people are also some of the most technology savvy in the world already, and are very comfortable with online payments. This means that they will happily adopt crypto en masse (even more than they have already) were the government to tone down its rhetoric about crypto being used for unlawful transactions and subversion.

  2. I don’t believe any of these China News anymore. I got into crypto in 2013 and can not even count how often Bitcoin was supposed to be banned in China according to some news outlets..

  3. I think more and more public companies will reveal they own Bitcoin on their balances sheets in upcoming quarterly earnings reports this year, which will also accelerate this bull run.

    Because that’s when a lot of retail investors will start to flood into Bitcoin and buy it because a big company they know and love bought it too (like what happends with Tesla).

  4. Tie this in with the digital Yuan and you can see China take the lead with digital currency and become a world leader in the space. I can see bitcoin become a reserve currency much sooner if China chooses to embrace this.

  5. As much as people may hate China, this is amazing news for the crypto market.

    Chinese people don’t invest in stocks as they see it as the casino. I hope they will see crypto in a different light and invest.

  6. I’d like to take a bullish outlook on this but China has some fucked up flip flop attitude to crypto. Another more official official will come up with another view, its happened too many times over there. And their digital Yuan is meant to be competing for supreme currency of the world,they’ll want that square in the limelight.

    Not convinced yet. Now if they bought bitcoin as a reserve holy fuck I’d be doing backflips all the way to another town that would be insanely big news. Well any country, hearing Cuba are looking into it.



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