Number of women trading crypto grows by 7 times so far in 2021

Number of women trading crypto grows by 7 times so far in 2021

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  1. This may come off as harsh, but who cares?

    Crypto was never limited to just one demographic and I have honestly never seen anyone in the community gatekeep crypto. People from all walks of life across the world both men and women have been using crypto, look at Nigeria, Latin America. I have a female friend from Colombia thats been using Bitcoin for a bit. Crypto is for everyone and always was.

    Article should be titled *”Number of all people trading crypto grows by 7 times in 2021″* Like no shit were in a fucking bullrun

  2. My wife is one of them… She asked me to buy her some doge because she laughed at the logo when she saw doge in the news (only $30 worth, otherwise i might have talked her into a better coin).

  3. I’ve been very pleasantly surprised by how many women are active on this sub. I had assumed it was male-dominated and am glad to be wrong on that one. Global movements deserve global representation

  4. Why is this a news article? We’re all human, and we all enjoy crypto.

    This article gives off the assumption that Crypto is disproportionately weighed towards men…

    You could be a purple hermaphrodite from Jupiter, and it wouldn’t make a goddamn difference to me.

    We’re all here for the same reasons, baby!



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