Nvidia confirms it accidentally unlocked RTX 3060 Ethereum mining

Nvidia confirms it accidentally unlocked RTX 3060 Ethereum mining

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  1. tldr; Nvidia has removed a driver for its new RTX 3060 graphics card that was supposed to limit the hash rate of Ethereum mining on the card. The driver accidentally unlocked performance for most of the cards, boosting mining rates for the cryptocurrency. Nvidia originally restricted performance in an attempt to steer cryptominers away from purchasing the cards.

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  2. I’ve had about 3+ people recently ask “what GPU should I buy?” And each time I have to tell them to wait for a crypto crash :/ Sucks that there has to be conflict between miners and gamers

  3. **”accidentally”**


    Nah, they just saw that gamers don’t want to buy their overpriced turd, it’s a pathetic excuse for an upgrade, what is the next best market that will pay well? Miners.

  4. Crypto noob here, not a miner but looked into it at one point and ended up not doing it because of electricity cost in my area and cost of investment, but I know a little bit about mining.

    Not sure if anyone knows the technical side of hardware, but how could Nvidia limit mining potential without just making a worse gaming card? I thought that mining and gaming power were pretty directly related as crunching crypto algorithms is similar demand to rendering images.

  5. Won’t they be able to compare the driver without the limiter…. And then drivers with the limiters. So they can determine exactly what causes limitations within the code.

  6. I’m glad they ditched that trash idea of selling separate mining gpus. That was a publicity stunt to show they cared about gamers, when in reality they just wanted more sales. When the bullmarket ends all those mining gpus would end up on the landfill because and not go into the hands of patient gamers



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