On Ethereum the first NFT magazine

NFT Magazine

Today sees the announcement of the launch of The NFT Magazine, the first online magazine in NFT form to be collected and read on Ethereum.

The magazine will be on OpenSea

12 issues per year on a monthly basis, featuring rankings of crypto players, market trends, interviews and advice from industry experts. Every month there will be special features dedicated to digital art, collectibles, cryptocurrency, fintech and blockchain

Copies of the magazine can only be purchased on OpenSea, collecting the covers in the form of NFT. By buying this non-fungible token, the user will be able to read the magazine, joining the so-called Readers Club. Each cover will be created in collaboration with leading international crypto artists, whose exclusive interviews will also be featured in the issue.

The project will give a lot of space to the community who will be able to enjoy discounted pre-sales to buy The NFT Magazine, participate in the decisions of the editorial staff and have numerous benefits in terms of events, merchandise and much more.

The price for the first issue of the NFT Magazine will be 0.05 Ethereum

With NFT Magazine, users will be able to create a secondary market

The price for the first issue will be 0.05 Ethereum, while the pre-sale price will be 0.03 ETH. Each user can decide to resell their copy, thus setting up a secondary market. If a user decides to sell their copy, they will lose access to the benefits of participating in the community and reading the magazine.

The first issue will be 500 copies, with the number increasing by 200 copies each month, and will go on sale on OpenSea on November 2. Gradually the covers and all the protagonists mentioned in the different issues of the magazine will be revealed on the project’s social networks. Unsold copies will be burned.

Benefits include talks, events, physical prints of the magazine, special prizes for collectors and much more.

This is a long-term project in which the community will be involved and which could open up new worlds and scenarios for publishing.

The project has been realized in collaboration with ArtRights, Artuu, The Cryptonomist, Phigy and the Poseidon Group, which also owns Poseidon NFT Fund.

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