Opinions please

Opinions please

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  1. This guy believes cryptocurrency is all hype and doesn’t understand it’s utility and functions and how it will benefit society and the world to be fully integrated. Countries with no big banking having the opportunity to join the world economy

  2. – he said btc is not secured by cryptography but claimed to have read the whitepaper?
    – he said btc is not censorship resistant, but with no proof.
    – he said that users do not run nodes? I’m a counter example to that claim
    – he said the scam is a pump and dump coming from the fact that centralized exchanges and wallets have your keys. Well most of us have our keys here…
    – he says it doesn’t have value. The price only comes from supply and demand. Isn’t that the definition of value? I’m willing to pay market price for btc, and so it has value to me
    – he says tether is a fraud ok because it had illegitimate backing. OK but this has nothing to do with btc. Btc is not backed by anythin
    – he said coinbase is a fraud because of binance and yield farming. I don’t follow and I also dont trust crypto loaning like gemini earn



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