Origin Protocol is poised for a breakout year after announcing a deal with Amazon last month (Yes, THE Amazon) this is your chance to get a bag, along with Steven Chen (youtube co-founder) and Alexis Ohanan (Reddit co-founder), strap in, relax and watch your investment grow!

Origin (OGN) just quadruple bottomed on 0.78 resistance on the 15 minute while posting a bullish tri-star candlestick formation on the 1 hour. Poised to break $1 very soon. This is your chance to get in and strap in for the ride!

THREE PROJECTS IN ONE. OGN (governance) + OUSD ( high yield stable coin) + Dshop Decentralized Marketplace w/ NFTS enabled

NFTs are poised to be the next bullrun for crypto and no other project has a better corner on this with OGN’s addition of NFT enabled products on their Dshop Marketplace.

OGN just built the platform that 3LAU did his first of its kind NFT album auction on which raised a mind boggling $11.7 million dollars worth of bids on 33 one of kind rare NFT’s

OGN team is fully stacked

> Josh Fraser /Cofounder – Started coding at age 10 – Co founded 3 other venture backed companies; EventVue, Torbit, and Forage

> Matthew Liu /Cofounder – 3rd PM at YouTube, and VP PM at Qwiki Yu Pan /Founding Engineer – 1/6 founding members of PayPal – First employee at YouTube – Former Google Employee and co founder of Kiwi Crate. BS and MS from Stanford

[Prominent Partnerships:](

> Uphold

> Brave (BAT)

> Amazon Web Services (Amazon)

Prominent Investors

> Over 20 VCs

> Steven Chen (Founder of YouTube)

> Alexis Ohanian (Founder of Reddit!)

5$-7$ EOY is my PT. This is all public information and as always, DYOR. Godspeed!

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  1. Oh come on. “A deal with Amazon” means nothing. I have a deal with Amazon. I pay them $120/yr for free shipping. The company I work for has a “partnership with Amazon”. That partnership is paying them for AWS. All of the deals and partnerships you mentioned are straight up client/provider relationships where they’re paying for a service.



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Over $34 Million Worth of Bitcoin Soon Be up for Auction

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