Origin Protocol just auctioned the world’s first tokenized album for $11.7 million with 3LAU

Origin Protocol just auctioned the world’s first tokenized album for $11.7 million with 3LAU

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  1. Can anyone explain this? This is so confusing, someone paid 11m for a token… That is a token to make music with this guy? But also he got the album? Idk what this is

  2. I’ve seen the news on Blockfolio today. That was really amazing, a new milestone for NFTs and Origin Protocol.

    OGN is finally getting noticed for their hard work and the price already started reflecting that!

  3. I was on the clubhouse chat today with over 1k other people and someone made an interesting point about how when we swapped over to streaming and listening to music online we lost the hobby of collecting music. NFTs could be one way of recapturing that.

  4. Man the NFT market has exploded this last year we were sub 500k this time last year now popping the multi millions for single items. How’d it get so big so fast?

  5. Wow that went waaay better than any predictions! Now all the music stars will want to do the same, can’t wait to see who’s next and I think the guys behind Dshop just nailed it!
    NFT space has just upgraded!

  6. Interesting idea to make the NFT redeemable for collaboration with 3LAU. How does that work though, can you just sit on it for ten years and then call 3LAU out of the blue?

  7. I mean, I guess if you’re like the world’s biggest 3LAU fan then maybe this is a good deal, but couldn’t the winner just hire the dude to work on a track and buy the vinyl/album separately? Why spend this much money on it? And rank 2-6 get a custom mix? Yay?

  8. Well guys $OGN rocks the NFT market. Record-breaking auction with #3Lau’s tokenized album, who is a big star.
    Potential is limitless folks. I already push this on Twitter big time with my 1413 followers.
    For every NfT artist who organise an auction on #Dshop built by $OGN I am happy to hype that auction with all my Influence for free, like what we did for 3Lau.

  9. How does the bidding go from $500k to $3500 k in one move?

    That’s not how functioning and resilient markets work

    >Then, the gold tier offered a custom mix to the winners of bids #2-6, with the physical vinyl and unreleased music included also. Instead of all 11 tracks, the gold offering included 7.

    Why would anyone pay 3500k in second place for basically mp3 files?

    Nope. Something is wrong with all of this. None of this passes the sniff test



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