Origin Protol’s (OGN) announced bridging peer-to-peer NFTs marketplaces + decentralized finance and a payment app with debit card on top of the OUSD protocol in their new litepaper. I call for a ‘not if but when’ Moonshot!

In the recently released litepaer, the team shows the focus on NFTs and decentralized finance.

There are many interesting aspects I firmly believe are making this project a huge crypto moonshot just waiting to explode.

They have recently had their first NFTs auction for a quite big name of the music industry, an auction that surprised everyone for how smooth it worked but especially for the mindblowing result of selling the first-ever tokenized NFT music album for over $11M. This sparked a lot of attention in the music industry and showbiz in general, to the point that the team was invited to join some celebrities, famous industry professionals and influencers on clubhouse parties and other talks over NFTs topics (on their YouTube channel there is one with Kim Dotcom and Paris Hilton 😀 ). Those days we could see with our eyes more and less famous music industry players literally entering their Telegram channels and Discord asking for collaborations and partnerships in order to replicate what they did for the record auction they managed for 3LAU.

They’re maybe making it on the news for the NFTs now but something some people may not know is that they’re also the same people behind OUSD, the first-ever stable coin that passively earns a yield without any action from users end -basically removing all the complexities with earning fees through lending or supplying liquidity to automated market makers- apart of buying/minting the tokens and keep them in their wallets.In addition to a stable coin that we could consider like a saving account where you earn interests but also simultaneously still being in the position to spend your OUSD as soon as you decide to do so (no lock period), they’re also working on “implementing a new peer-to-peer payment app with an associated debit card built on top of OUSD, that combines the ease of peer-to-peer payments with a high-yield savings account that beats traditional savings accounts by a factor of 10 to 100x”.

Now given that these were just a taste of a number of interesting concepts in the litepaer, that the team is made of respectable well-known professionals in the industry coming from companies such as PayPal, Google, YouTube etc, the above premises and everything in the litepaper, I am getting more and more bullish about this project.

Last but not least, they grew it and still growing the project quite organically since 2017/2018, without any real advertising campaigns (which many actually ask them to do thinking they’d deserve more exposure), as most of the crypto projects do instead in order to get quickly famous, but that is also something that often makes ‘burn’ and disappear those projects quickly.

I hope this has got someone as interested as much as it has happened for me.As usual in these cases, DYOR ([here is the litepaper]( on their website), but don’t sleep on it just because you haven’t seen it on some so-called influencer YouTube account, that could be actually the best thing for us, understanding a project high value before the real boom on the mainstream.

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  1. very strong points and I am also very bullish on OGN.

    It is true what you wrote sometimes we get anxious and hope they just moon in a day, i admit having been among those asking them for more exposure and news, but if i think about it I know those quick pump are usually a disappointment, if not dangerous, in the long term.

    I’ll keep hodling strong and possibly increase my position. BTW have you noticed the cross-chain announcement? That’s another big thing I’d keep an eye on!



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