Over $40k of CryptoCurrency Stolen

I’m really devastated. Just looked at my wallet today when I was thinking of buying more bitcoin, all to to find out all my cryptocurrency is gone — valued over $40,000. I spent years earning it and resisting pulling it out, hoping I could eventually use it to pay for college tuition.

Here are the facts:

– I have a Ledger Nano S wallet.

– That wallet had 4.77 LTC, 4.48 ETH, and 0.73 BTC.

– The Ledger generated a passphrase containing 24 words.

– I recorded that passphrase on a piece of paper and hid it.

– No one had or has access to that paper.

– That passphrase (those words) were NEVER entered anywhere. (Not even on my phone)

– On February 24th at 5:45 AM Eastern Time, the BTC was stolen.

– On the same day, at 6:46 AM and 6:48 AM, the ETH and LTC, respectively, were stolen.

– I also has a Trust Wallet.

– I had $1500 worth of NPXS and $1000 worth of TRX in that wallet.

– On February 24th at 6:48 AM and 6:55 AM both of those were stolen.

– The passphrase for the Trust Wallet is saved as a screenshot on my iPhone.

– My iPhone has not left my possession.

– My iPhone has a 6 digit passcode.

The recipient address for the BTC is: 3EP2Bq6yMpXQc3TvoxLtwDsd1tg2A59CJs

Note: Both wallets were hacked on the same day at around the same time. Both had separate passphrases.

No one has access to that paper and that the thief’s wallet address for BTC has other larger transactions.

Did not have the 25th digit only 24 passphrase

Can someone please shed some light on what can be done, if anything? How were both wallets compromised at the same time?! If nothing can be done to retrieve the crytpo, what can be done to prevent this from happening in the future.


Will reply to everyones as soon as I can. Have school work that I need to get done, and can’t let two things go bad.

For those who are asking this is the transaction link to the btc that was stolen (the majority of my holdings that was stolen):

Heres also the eth one:

Also, not sure if its safe to post all of the transactions?

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  1. If what you say is true. If I were you, I would be very concerned about my privacy or the trust of the people who have entered my home.

    Lets just consider your hardware wallet only.
    You wrote your passphrase down on paper and nowhere else.
    Someone either came into your home and accessed your passphrase or a camera in your home is hacked. Phone, pc, security. Thats the only possibility. Either that or you have just revealed a vulnerability in the ledger wallet. Contact ledger.

  2. >Did not have the 25th digit only 24 passphrase

    the 24 words = “mnemonic seed”

    the 25th word/phrase = “passphrase”


    What wallet were you using – Ledger Live ?

    What URL did you download it from

    Did you reply to any DMs in Telegram/discord/reddit ?

    Do you use any other wallet software for altcoins ?

    Did you ever type your mnemonic seed into a web browser, did you have a warning “your Ledger has been damaged, type in your seed words to recover”

    Did you order your Ledger wallet directly from ? or from a reseller ?

    Did you create the mnemonic seed words yourself on the Ledger Nano S ?

  3. Two different devices – Ledger on laptop/PC, Trustwallet on phone.

    Two different method of seed storage – Ledger on paper (physical), Trustwallet on phone (virtual)

    Both hacked at the same time.

    * I might guess your laptop/PC is infected with keylogger/malware/spyware. But that don’t explain why Trustwallet got compromised.
    * I might guess your phone is hacked, but that don’t explain why your ledger got compromised.

    Your ledger seed word is stored in a physical location and your Trustwallet seed word is stored in a virtual location. Now if both different devices got compromised, we can only deduce:

    * [1] You saved your ledger seed word on the cloud alongside your Trustwallet seed word. Your cloud has been compromised.
    * [2] You saved your Trustwallet seed word on paper in the same vicinity (home) as your Ledger seed word. Your home has been compromised.
    * [3] Cool story bro.

    Now the only logical reasoning would be [2]. Since your ledger seed word is hidden in your home and your Trustwallet seed word is inside your phone in you home. Both of the seed word can be accessed by a person being physically there.

  4. If what you said is true then someone did in fact find your seed words.

    Or they correctly guessed your words out of 29642774844752946028434172162224104410437116074403984394101141506025761187823616 possible combinations.

  5. The screenshot you saved, someone may have got access through the cloud. You can also track and see who has access to your crypto now ( Although it won’t be of much help at this point)

  6. Very sorry to hear that man.
    If you had that ledger for yrs and just got it hacked now. There is only 2 ways I can see it happening:

    1- someone found your 24 words seed phrase

    2- you took a picture of your 24 words seed phrase and you don’t remember it. Then someone could easily get ahold of your pics

    Your other wallet, well you took a screen shot of the pass phrase soooo, that’s that.

    Now the fact that both wallet got emptied within minutes lead me to think that you might of had took a shot of your ledger passphrase and just don’t remember. the hacker got access to your pictures on your cloud and that’s all she wrote.

    Other option, someone close to you that knows about your crypto. But if the hacker address had a lot of funds then that is unlikely

  7. I’m calling bullshit on this. OP is definitely missing something here. Someone had to know or have physically been in his house and/or had access to phone. Story doesn’t make any sense otherwise. Don’t be naive, OP, someone, somewhere targeted you. Whether physically in person, backdoored to phone, or SOMETHING. Don’t expect Reddit to solve this riddle because it ain’t gonna happen. Someone targeted you. Could be someone you know but maybe not.

    Edit: OP has deleted some comments on this thread. Total BS. You can’t tell people stole your coins from a wallet address, afaik. How does he know those coins are stolen? He doesn’t.

  8. > I recorded that passphrase on a piece of paper and hid it.

    > No one had or has access to that paper.

    [X] Doubt

    It’s just too coincidental that the contents of two wallets were stolen at the same time. Look at the people who would have access to your home and wherever you stored the phrase. If you like to brag about how much money you have, look at your “friends” who would have the knowledge to pull this off.

  9. I call bullshit after reading your post history

    1- you just took your SATs (you are 18atm i’d guess) you said you were DACing for years (from where cause you aint using a KYC)

    2- never posted once on crytpo ever other than spamming this post on multiple subreddits where you aren’t replying to most questions

    3- You were ”stolen” 1 month ago (you never checked your assets in a month..)

    4- 100% have to be someone that physicly stole from you and hacked you the same day.

    5- The way you aren’t engaged in this post and never went deep into answers on asked questions

    6- I’d add the fact that you are saying in a not so long ago post that you are willing to accept a 10$/h job atm so you probably need money/donations.

  10. I recorded that passphrase on a piece of paper and hid it.
    No one had or has access to that paper.

    How did you record it on the paper? On notepad, then printed? When did you hide it? Also, how do you know no one had access to that paper?

    If both of these wallets are two different wallets and were both comprised the same day, then there is 100% some correlation you are either missing, or failing to mention.

  11. The fact that both wallets were emptied within an hour of each other is suspect.

    Do you have 2fa active on your apple account?

    Check your iCloud connected devices and see if there are any devices you don’t recognise associated to your account. Connected devices would have access to your photo library if you’re using iCloud Photo Library and/or Photo Stream.

    If you’re not using 2fa an attacker could gain access to your account through the online iCloud page, they could theoretically access your photos from there with just your username & password.

    You could also try and speak to Apple support and try to find out if any devices have been connected to your account around Feb 24th, in case someone was and later removed their device from the account.

    For the ledger device, I know you’ve said that no one could have gained access to the nemonic, but can you provide a little more detail on why you’re so sure.

    – Have you ever taken a photo of your Ledger nemonic?
    – Have you ever had the nemonic on your desk with your web cam on?
    – Were you on a FaceTime call with it in sight?
    – Has that piece of paper from memory ever been disturbed in anyway in the place where you keep it?
    – Has Ledger ever asked you to re-input your nemonic?
    – Was the Ledger up to date with the latest software?
    – Has the Ledger hardware ever left home?

    Hopefully something comes to light.

  12. You said you wrote it on paper many years ago. Securely hid it. No one has found it.

    **That is not true.**

    Some part of that is a lie.

    I’m guessing you put your Ledger seed on your cloud as well – and you just don’t want to admit fault…. or maybe you forgot you took a photo of it.

    Whatever happened, it’s obvious that you were storing your Trust wallet seed and your Ledger seed in the same location – and someone found it. That might’ve been on iCloud, or your phone, or your computers local hard drive. I don’t know. But you ***were*** storing them both, together, (likely) digitally.

    This is why I’ll always maintain that 99.99% of people are much safer keeping their coins on an Coinbase/Kraken, or a service like BlockFi/Celcius.

    “Not your keys, not your coins” is the cause of a lot of people losing their coins. Most people are not capable of self-custody (and that’s okay!).

    I feel sorry for you, and the countless others, who have had “not your keys, not your coins” yelled at them so many times – that they put themselves at a much greater risk, thinking they’re safer.

  13. It sounds like someone managed to backdoor your iPhone and record video, screenshots, and virtual keypresses to be able to get remote access while the phone is on (regardless of the lock screen), activate your mobile wallet, and initiate the withdrawal with your virtually keylogged credentials.

    This has been doable for a few years with both Apple and Android phones, but more noticeable when phones were slower with limited resources than now.

    The BTC and ETH they stole are traceable to federal authorities for the most part. Things get more difficult if they use tumblers, but can still be followed around.

    If the police can’t help you, the FBI can or another agency dealing with cybercrimes task force teams.

    Preserve your phone as-is; DON’T wipe it or factory reset it; switch to using a prepaid Android and don’t use the Apple phone text messaging or calls to people (manually copy the numbers to the android phone and text them from there) to make sure you don’t tip off the attacker who might be able to see or send text messages from the Apple or record calls fo or from the device. Have a cybercrime team analyze the iPhone as it is to track them down with the service still on. Apple or your service provider can be subpoenaed to cooperate and find out the route of which networks accessed your phone over mobile data, when, and where. Even if they used multiple VPNs to do it, the money has an endpoint and that’s where they can be found.

    Good luck

  14. I can’t believe no one ever brings uo the obvious attack vector here.

    So, Sybil, have you even tried asking your alternate personality to return the coin?

  15. I’m bipolar and have had full blown psychotic episodes. Do you have any mental health issues or use heavy alcohol or drugs? Something where you could have blacked out and done something crazy? That aligns with that time? And/or suppressing the memory of something you’re really ashamed of?

  16. If you bought the ledger from ledger itself, then it should be safe. The private key doesn’t leave the device even if you plug it in a compromised computer.

    The more probable scenario is someone saw your paper with the seed word. The thief didn’t have to steal the paper copy, just photograph it so you don’t become aware that it was compromised



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