Over a million dollars of ADA was stolen by scammers.

Over a million dollars of ADA was stolen by scammers.

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  1. I see people under this tweet saying that the answer is unprofessional and that newcomers don’t know much about crypto, but how can you have so little common sense that giving your money to someone to double it up for free seems like a good idea?

  2. Never, ever, ever give your crypto to anybody in hopes of getting it doubled. It Never happens, Do not fall for it. Even if the creator of the coin is promoting it or even if a billionaire.

  3. He keeps saying ‘we will never giveaway anything for free… there is no such thing as something for nothing’ What about Airdops? Bonuses on early adopters of ICOs? Staking rewards with bonus token giveaways? etc. This market is littered with unusual and extraordinary benefits, high risk rewards for early adoption, pump and dump schemes – in my mind it is not a surprise people are more susceptible to these scams.

  4. Unfortunately these “dreamers” make up a big part of our space today. These people are why we can’t have nice things in this community anymore. Trust me, had to put up with these people in 2 projects that all felt “robbed” when they bought at the top and have had to sit and wait for approx 40 days for it to pump again. For 30 days I was telling these people to be patient with MATIC (just an example) and instead they most likely sold and hopped onto some shitcoin pump or maybe even gave away their coins because they saw a quick 2x (LOL!). Well, these people are like plague. I fully understand Charles frustration as I myself have stopped being active in the communities around the projects I invest in because these people just kill the mood really.

    If you want to make profit in this space then you need to be patient and invest early into projects. It’s easy to hop onto a 300% SHIBA and oopsie I just made 200% profit! I’m a genius! Then you try the same strategy with the next project (because everything in this space goes up right?) and damn, some whale dumped. -60%, quick get out, oh shit…ETH fees. Easy way to turn profit into a big fat loss.

  5. “we will not give away Ada” 😂
    But seriously, it should be clear Cardano/IOHK isn’t responsible for those scammy giveaways. I cannot understand why anyone would think they could get your Ada back when you gave it someone else.
    It’s like you see buying an iPhone, some stranger ask you for that phone, you give it to him and he is leaving. Later that day you go to Apple and say, I gave away my phone for free to another person. Could you get me another one?

  6. Ha….fuck it’s not that funny actually… why do people think there’s giveaways like that though? Do they think other people will want to buy if others are able to get it for free?

  7. Serious question here: Does ADA have an actual working product right now? I’m not asking about Ethiopian promises, or new projects coming up in the future, or research. Is there a product, service, or program that ADA is acutally involved with right ***now?***

  8. My tinfoil hat theory is that a good portion of these “giveaway” scams are tax evasion schemes.
    It’s easy to setup, then you just create some fake minor activity, and then you orchestrate being the ‘big one’ falling for it.
    ” oh noes… I suffered a stolen!” : the new boating accident for when you have no boat or when you can’t afford to go die of dysentery helping orphans in India.

  9. I have to say Charles Hoskinson is quickly becoming one of my well liked crypto involved people.


    He’s very direct to the point of rudeness, but I like to be able to know exactly how someone sees a topic rather than have a celebrity that pumps and dumps on followers.



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