Own NFT Land in ERTHA Metaverse that Could Generate Revenue

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The last year or so has seen the massive growth of the non-fungible token space, which became arguably the most talked-about field in the cryptocurrency space. With celebrities from all industries trying to take advantage of the ongoing craze, NFTs have now become the place to be for protocols providing groundbreaking featured and services.

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Some have taken their development stages further, attempting to garner a more significant market share. This is the case with ERTHA, whose metaverse has tapped one of the most legendary online games from the past two decades – Heroes of Might and Magic.

Its economic and social life, inspired by the aforementioned game, is built on the binance smart chain and aims to enable users to explore and investigate the space by choosing specializations and increasing the strength of the NFTs.

The project’s globe consists of 350,000 HEX land plots, all of which are represented as non-fungible tokens. Users owning a HEX land plot will have the chance to receive cash-back for every transaction completed with Ethereum (ETH) as a landowner. The game is specifically designed to replicate a real-life environment, simulating the actions that people would perform in order to earn a living and continue with their lives.

As mentioned above, ERTHA is designed to inspire economic and social growth, investigate the new online world, and push users to increase their engagement levels in the NFT space.

The project’s development process has been wildly comprehensive as it took Alpha more than 17,000 Code commits and over 30,000 hours of writing program code to provide the end-product.

The map of ERTHA is divided by NFT hexagons. This allows players to be free to choose where to live, study, work, and earn ETH tokens. Many companies and players also prefer paying taxes in the form of the second-largest cryptocurrency.

The project further promised that some internal developments, such as territorial disputes and international conflicts, can positively impact the prices of the NFTs.

ERTHA metaverse political influence and management of different territories are controlled with decentralized instruments, meaning smart contracts, through the financial epicenters in the game. Political influence introduces a number of advantages for NFT holders.

ERTHA also promised full decentralization for its land properties and non-fungible token attributes.


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