owning 6 bitcoins is so hard now. but None of us are late. Buy as much as you can or regret.

owning 6 bitcoins is so hard now. but None of us are late. Buy as much as you can or regret.

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  1. Yeah, I had like 12 bitcoins back in 2013 and I’m still mourning them. Can’t imagine what it feels like for people who had hundreds or thousands and didn’t hodl or lost them because their hard drives crashed or something.

  2. Stacking in 2022 means you’re still extremely early to Bitcoin.

    Even if Bitcoin was $10 back in 2010 (I think it was closer to $1), 600 bitcoin would be only be $6,000. Not only was the purchasing power of that $6,000 preserved over the past 12 years, but it appreciated by orders of magnitude (2,000x). However, the focus should be on retaining purchasing power.

    Similarly, that should be the focus of anyone stacking now. In ten years, one can be confident that the purchasing power of their money will be preserved. If we’re all fortunate, then we will also have additional purchasing power because we chose to accumulate the hardest money known to man. However, with global inflation the way it is, being able to have savings that retain their purchasing power is huge in its own right.

  3. always remember that this is only beautiful if he still has them. which he doesn’t. owning only 0.1 btc, you may have more than he has now, and you may still make more on the investment.

  4. You are literally 12 years late to the show. In 12 years btc will be may be 100-200k per coin buts that’s just 10x. Not 20,000x …by that time your needs will be completely different than now too. You will be old, full of problems and duties, btc is a story already of people who were early and now laugh at us those who got in around 2017

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