Palms are sweaty, knees weak…

Palms are sweaty, knees weak…

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  1. This is one of the things that will prevent worldwide adoption of any cryptocurrencies of the sort amongst the general public. I mean I will be honest. Transferring is easy, but somehow with some of the people I come across on the street, I just cant see them doing the whole wallet, transfer, check your keys thing.

  2. /unpopularopinion, and whilst I’m fairly familiar with how to go about on a transfer to my hardware wallet, this crypto thing is never gonna really take off for the general public until this “pain point” gets effectively alleviated. It should ideally be as simple as making a bank transfer.

  3. I totally have this fear. I have a large stack and it’s always nerve wracking when I send it to an exchange or to my ledger nanos. When I do, it’s always a process. I get my thinking cap, make some chamomile tea to help calm my nerves, put on enya, and look at the screen rubbing my chin like Indiana Jones before I work up the courage to hit send. Then wait their anxiously hoping it goes smoothly. My wife knows when I’m transferring crypto.

  4. I haven’t transfered any yet but yesterday when I wanted to move some out of coinbase in order to trade for the big ADA bull, the thought of transfering stressed me out big time…
    I think I copied the address, previewed the trade anf canceled it 6 times before I decided to just use cash to buy ADA on
    Made me feel like a teenager trembling at the thought of sending a love message to a Girl on MSN messenger. Fuck I’m feeling old today…….

  5. To help alleviate my fears, I created Text Replacement shortcuts in my settings for each of my wallet addresses. That way I can be positive that when I type ‘NatriumNano’ or ‘BitrueVET’ it’s going to spit out the right address. Still get a little scared anyway tho lol



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Grayscale buys $25 million worth of Ethereum after the price drops to $1600.

Grayscale buys $25 million worth of Ethereum after the price drops to $1600.

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