Pancake swap can run away with your money

This has been known for a few days now but I just found out now and think that more people should know this, This has been done on forks of the project, more info: [](

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  1. Apparently the Pancake Swap team stated that keeping the migrator code is the only way for them to think about launching future versions of Pancake Swap with new features in mind. They have a plethora of new features coming next months, lending/borrowing included.

    We should point out that Sushiswap fell for a rug pull too, so this is not a Pancake Swap potential risk only.

  2. I researched and could not find out if this weakness exists, there are probably others to be discovered, but I believe that pancake has a positive point because it is publicly encouraged by CZ himself who does not play to lose, but I question the audits that have been done in most AMMs, whoever takes time to read them will not be satisfied.



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