Pandora Invasion Integrates with Chainlink VRF

Pandora Invasion has entered into a partnership with Chainlink VRF to leverage tamper-proof and auditable sources of randomness for claiming and upgrading NFT champions. Pandora Invasion is a renowned game of strategy civilization. In the game, the players construct an army of soldiers to battle and invade forts of other players for winning the game. Users can engage in fair gameplay by owning upgraded and randomly generated NFT Champions through the integration. The collaboration with Chainlink VRF will ensure a fraud-proof and transparent experience for the users. 

In Pandora Invasion, players are allowed to have ownership of their games. The army of Champions is actually a set of NFT tokens owned and held by the players. The players become owners of the Pandora tokens in the game and attain the ability to cast votes on the decisions made for the community of players that generally include battle reward distribution and directions for new champions. 

The game needs to integrate with an RNG solution to enable independent auditing by users to add more transparency to the system. However, most RNG solutions today fail to ensure system integrity and prevention of manipulation. For example, the RNG solutions of on-chain data such as block hashes are prone to manipulation by blockchain miners. On the other hand, the RNG solutions of off-chain data do not provide any proof of authenticity. It is the inefficiency of general RNG solutions that makes the RNG solutions of Chainlink VRF stand out. The time-tested and robust Oracle infrastructure of Chainlink VRF is authenticated by the on-chain generation of cryptographic proof that ensures the integrity of the random numbers supplied to the smart contracts. Chainlink ensures that Pandora Invasion remains provably fair through the in-game ownership of assets.

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