“Panic sell is BAD” – Binance CEO gives a lesson on how to invest in Bitcoin


TL; DR Breakdown

  • Binance CEO advices against panic selling
  • Bitcoin has recovered from under $30k to over $33.5k in less than a day
  • Bigshots not worried about the crash event

The last 24 hours have been very eventful for the Bitcoin market. A sudden price crash late yesterday took BTC’s value to under the $30k mark and sent the market into a chill, causing panic and anxiety. Many had believed that $30k was the ultimate bottom and the crypto would only go upwards after that. Some people rushed to sell off their stash. That’s before the market revved up and recovered a few hours later. At the time of this writing, Bitcoin is trading very close to $34k and looks all good to surpass it soon.

CZ educates Bitcoiners

The market events of the past 24 hours have attracted attention of popular crypto players, including Binance’s CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ). CZ sent out a tweet to lend an important lesson to crypto investors in general and those worried about Bitcoin. According to him, panic selling is bad and investors should learn from their mistakes. Also, people need to have a balanced crypto portfolio to mitigate risks.