Paris Hilton Is ‘Fascinated’ by NFTs and ‘Very Very Excited’ About Bitcoin

Paris Hilton Is 'Fascinated' by NFTs and 'Very Very Excited' About Bitcoin

On Thursday (April 1), entrepreneur and media personality Paris Hilton was on interviewed on CNBC’s “Closing Bell“, where she talked about her involvement with non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and even more interestingly, she revealed that she is a Bitcoiner.


I’ve always loved to be an innovator and I did my first NFT in March of 2020 and it won the NFT Charity Award, the best one of the year, so that was exciting and now to see it just blow up in the past couple months has been so exciting and I’ve been working together with some incredible artists and doing my first drop in a few weeks and then another one planned after that and I just think it’s amazing that artists can really, you know, take back their power and just, I don’t know, there’s the technology that is just so interesting and I’m just fascinated by all of it.

On Bitcoin

When Closing Bell co-anchor Sara Eisen asked Hilton if she is an investor in Bitcoin,Hilton replied:

Yes. I’m very, very excited about that as well. It’s definitely the future.

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