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Metaverse live performance, Oct 2021

The Decentraland Metaverse Festival has entered its final day with a performance by Paris Hilton and a secret guest to close it off at 12AM UTC, about midnight in London and 8PM in New York.

The three days of the festival so far have been eventful as the millennial generation and zoomers contemplate the relationship between digital and real life.

Often the metaverse appears to be somewhere in between, with the live performances in a lit concert environment giving that feeling of exclusivity and of being there more than a 2d display.

The presence of others also gives you more to do, including finding someone to dance with, or to see what someone is wearing, or indeed what they are doing.

You can also feel the intensity, when a song heats up, as the avatars – the individuals behind the phones or computers that make them move – go in a frenzy of sorts.

In your early 20s, however, you’d much rather go to an actual concert, but in your 30s, it might be a ‘quieter’ replacement than the smashed out of your head teen days.

Yet they have their place, but what might be interesting is that this too might have its place, that this new medium is different and as with all things, has its pluses and its minuses and more importantly, has irreplaceable qualities that make it different and give it those pluses and minuses.

One big plus is that there is pretty much no cost, except for skill and effort, for an indie band to put up a performance. Another one mentioned is that it is the closest experience to being there out of any medium, including TV. A third one is its digitally native nature, giving it coding capabilities which have just began being explored.

It’s early days so one minus is technical hiccups, like the voice might cut off especially if there are many people attending, something that will gradually be addressed.

Otherwise, it’s a new and different experience with it clearly having much potential as a new experiment seemingly begins at this dawn of digitally native art.

An experiment that continues with Paris Hilton’s performance later today, who apparently is to appear in an avatar. We have to wait and see whether the performance is in the video or in the metaverse itself. The latter would be a first so far.

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