Partly cashed out to get my personal moon! Check it out.

I know you probably dgaf, but thought I’d share.

Fortunately this isn’t a sob story! But had to share with y’all as it’s partly down to the advice I listened to (and sometimes ignored) on here.

Thanks to BNB & BTC and their huge gains the past weeks, I cashed a chunk of my coins out. I know, Binance bad ETH is better etc. etc. But money is money. Plus, I sold all my ADA for BTC and made more in a week than I have in 2 months.

Wanted one for ages, so finally decided to get him.

Everyone, meet [Bao Bun Grandè](

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  1. That’s awesome, you only live once and that dog is gonna make you happy for a long time. As a dog lover myself, I support your decision!

    Just make sure to HODL some so in the future he can enjoy some of the gains


  2. I own a pug too!! They’re so rewarding and the best companions but super high maintenance as puppies. In a couple of months when you’re thinking “where did I go wrong” I promise they mellow out and become the best dogs one can own.



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