PAYPAL ENABLES BITCOIN or crypto PAYMENTS for millions of merchants.

Accepting Bitcoin at Your Business: Pros, Cons and How to Get Started:


## Why accept Bitcoin or crypto payments

Quicker, cheaper payments can be an attractive proposition for existing businesses. Crypto payments also might unlock new business models, similar to how the rise of card payments enabled the growth of online shopping.

### At a glance: accepting Bitcoin vs. credit cards

Cryptocurrency: A cryptocurrency payment tool provides a user interface that makes transacting in crypto easier for the merchant and the customer. These tools can also help ease issues related to price fluctuation and often provide a built-in way to convert crypto to dollars. Crypto transactions aren’t required to be routed through payment tools — instead, they are a value-add service.

Credit cards: A credit card processor communicates with card networks and banks to verify customer identities, confirm that customers have sufficient funds or credit and initiate the movement of money from the acquiring bank to the merchant’s account. It’s impossible to accept a card payment without a payment processor.



Crypto: 0% if done directly with customer. Can be 1% or so using a payment tool.

Credit cards: Standard flat rate is 2.9% plus 30 cents per transaction, but varies by processor.

**Safety and security :**

Crypto: Little to no responsibility for compliance or fraud.

Credit cards: Responsibility for compliance and (via fees) for fraud.

**Resolving customer issues :**

Crypto: No legal protections or chargebacks to manage, but you’ll likely need to make clear your own policies.

Credit cards: Decisions often in the hands of card networks, and they often favor the customer.

**Bottom line: You don’t need a payment service to accept crypto like you do with card payments, fees are cheaper with crypto, no fraud protection and no legal protection when you accept crypto.** The only negative point for crypto is the volatility.

*But then, on the other hand, you are protected against high inflation.*

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  1. WARNING: You can’t buy actual Bitcoins from Paypal. You buy their bullshit “promise” instead. For example, you won’t be able to send the Bitcoins you think you’ve purchased to your own wallet, nor to any other wallet for that matter. You can only spend them on Paypal or sell them back to Paypal, and only if/when Paypal decides to allow you to do so.

    Why pay full price for “imitation” Bitcoins when you can buy and own actual Bitcoins for the same price?

    Also, when you later realize that you really need to hold your Bitcoins in your own wallet, you’ll have to sell your paypal shit back to paypal (if they’re let you), pay capital gains tax, get the money back to your bank, then to a real exchange where you buy actual Bitcoins. **You are better off skipping the paypal bullshit and just head straight to a real exchange** where you can buy real Bitcoins and then hold them in your own wallet.

    “*Not your keys, not your Bitcoins*.” — Andreas Antonopoulos

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