“Peak inflation” seems to be the latest talking point by the media replacing the term “transitory”. Don’t them fool you, inflation never peaks! Dollar is going to straight to zero and Bitcoin is the best lifeboat to save you!

“Peak inflation” seems to be the latest talking point by the media replacing the term “transitory”. Don’t them fool you, inflation never peaks! Dollar is going to straight to zero and Bitcoin is the best lifeboat to save you!

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  1. The last time I went grocery shopping, I noticed that I could look at a price, divide it by ten, and that was the price that item was back in the mid-late 1970s.

    A produce item for $4.99 used to be 49 cents – in my lifetime – for example. Gasoline was about 48 cents per gallon. Now it’s about $6 per gallon.

  2. Ugh, this chart would be a lot more impactful with a logarithmic vertical axis. It shows that the dollar has lost a *sixth* of its purchasing power since 2008, but that loss looks like almost nothing because of the linear scale.

  3. *Venezuela’s inflation is set to top 1,600% next year*

    And that was 2016!


    In Venezuela, money has stopped working // The photo stopped me dead in my tracks. In theory, according to the “official” exchange rate, which long ago lost even a hint of connection with reality, each of those bills is worth $2. In fact, as Venezuela sinks deeper and deeper into the first hyperinflation the Western Hemisphere has seen in a generation, bolivar banknotes have come to be worth basically nothing: Each bill is worth about $0.0001 at the current exchange rate, meaning you need to have 100 of them to equal one penny.

    ↑ That was from 2018. Some people from Venezuela used the free electricity to mine bitcoin and I assume they survived.

  4. These charts are unintelligent edgelord armchair revolutionary at best and simple anti-capitalist propaganda at worst, as they have nothing to do with the ease of accumulating that dollar, the population, and automation.

    in 1913 there weren’t 2 earner households who were bringing in 20x more hourly wage than a single earner back then.

    This index is fucking stupid as averaging all inflation doesn’t make sense. Certain things have gotten much, much cheaper while other things haven’t. This is because certain goods are more replaceable than others, and scarcity doesn’t work out the same way. Throwing in the average cost of a yacht is far more impactful than the average cost of a muscle milk.

    This also ignores that there are WAY more people in the country than in 1913. 97 million then versus 332 million now.

    So you think with 3.5x the population the value of a human’s hourly labor… increases? Kay.

    All of this shit is implying that the dollar simply erodes on it’s own and/or because evil bankers.

    And not because 3.5x more population who all make way more money on one end, with wildly differing market sectors for inflation (rent is cheaper, college is not, gadgets and electronics are cheaper, produce is not), and automation reducing the need for someone to get $15/hr cutting and pasting horseshit into powerpoint templates.

    But yeah, oh boy look at hershey’s compared to mcdonalds coffee. Gee whiz nothing has changed in 110 years to perhaps modify the costs to produce and sell coffee or chocolate, like, i dunno, CARGO AIRPLANES or, uhhh, modern farming and factory processing. why, if it had this would be a ridiculous comparison!

    Next up you should compare how expensive RAID: Shadow Legends is today compared to the hottest mobile phone games in 1913. Or even better, realize that paying a nickle to see a racist cartoon made out of cut-out paper and bones that lasted 16 seconds is a bit more expensive than modern entertainment (being racist on xbox live voice chat)

    Why, back in 1913 you only had to get a soapbox and a big conical object to scream inaccuracies in the town square reaching DOZENS of people. Nowadays you have to have a computer, electricity, internet, pirated copy of photoshop and all that to get 9 comments and 37 upvotes. Way more expensive!

  5. After seeing so many sites online, we get the slave wages we deserve.

    Everyone’s bitching about Bitcoin, but you aren’t forced to opt into that system. We are forced to opt into a corrupt fiat/political/wealthy system and have to take mouth wide open.

    Because ya know, pollution didn’t exist before bitcoin, its all a ponzi, 30t debt is really awesome for the USA! Anything about shit politicians =whabatoutism…etc ..

    Ever see the covid video where the reddit said it was an man going “insane”? Where as to me it was a sane man having enough of the insane people that rule over us.

    But people will never learn, they just want to be in their basements saying how great 240fps shitty games are so that bitcoin can die.

  6. Glad $1 is back to $1. Must have been super confusing back when a dollar was worth $26.14. Your go to the dollar store and pick something out and they’d be like “that’ll be $1,” and you pull out this bill and you’re like “this is actually worth $26.14 even though it says $1.” And the clerk is like “I know, all money is worth 26.14x its face value right now.”

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