People saying: “I’m not going to cash out till BTC hits one million” still don’t get it.

By then [you won’t have to “cash out”](

And the ones saying: “You should be taking profits” …get it even less.

Here’s my projection:

> As many smart people like Mr. Saylor and Mr. Musk have pointed out, it’s very irresponsible for any individual or business not to own any Bitcoin.
> People who don’t own any Bitcoin will be laughed out and shamed as fools and ignorants.
> People hate that, so they will come in slowly… then all of a sudden. That’s when the next FOMO “bubble” will come and will take Bitcoin over 300K on this current cycle, to then maybe “crash” back down to around 90K (although with all the institutions lining up , and then later governments also buying, I doubt we see over 30% corrections any more).
> The next halving/cycle will take ir over 1 million, following the S2F chart as it always has.

So **I will NEVER sell my Bitcoin** for worthless, ever-depreciating, printed-to-infinity government coupons/IOU’s… and pay enormous taxes that go to kill children on the other side of the world on top of that.
> For the first time ever we have real independent money, that I alone can decide where to spend and how to use. If for whatever reason I need fiat to buy something from somebody who refuses to accept Bitcoin (I wouldn’t buy from them in the first place), I would borrow against my BTC as last resort option. We have that option already with many lenders, the one I trust right now due to the people behind it is Blockfi.
> Selling Bitcoin it´s like selling prime real estate you owe in Manhattan. You never sell that, neither your children and grand children. It’s meant to be kept for ALL generations to come, forever, till the end of times. You can borrow against it, use it as collateral.
> You never sell something that will keep appreciating in value forever.

> “Not selling to fiat and hodling Bitcoin *IS* taking a profit”.

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  1. I’m not going to cash out until I can trade my coin directly for the things I want

    Sidenote, anyone looking to sell a rural house or farm in the midwest / mountain states, USA? Settle in part coin part cash

  2. > “You should be taking profits” …get it even less.

    Nah. I want to enjoy my life.

    How long do I have to wait before the coming of this bitcoin utopia?

    I’m not a wealthy person, but I hold enough BTC to change my life in meaningful and substantial ways by liquidating portions of my holdings incrementally.

    If you offered me a billion dollars the day I turn 60, or a guaranteed income of $100k from now until then – I’d take the money now without a doubt.

    Money, be it in BTC or USD- is just a tool to improve our lives. What’s the point in any of this if we don’t even do that? I don’t want to be rich or powerful, I just want to be happy.

  3. If you borrow against your BTC, you better be careful you don’t end up in a margin call situation. Unless there is something I don’t understand about why that would not happen with crypto.

  4. I don’t want more than 1-2million in EUR in BTC
    Love of money destroys the character and the soul.
    I would just buy a house and let the rest take care of my pension. Saving a little for my children. Giving the rest away.

    With money you have to be wise or lt will harm you more than do you good

  5. I wish I could downvote this more than once. Not because of the point you’re trying to make, but just because you sound like a pompous ass.

    Nothing wrong with people selling some BTC to make a tidy profit, or even insane 20x, 50x, 100x gains. Not everyone is so fortunate to hold onto an asset THAT valuable and can afford to wait decades on the HOPE that everything plays out perfectly and it becomes the reserve currency of the world.

    This kind of shit does more harm than good. I can’t downvote you more than once, but I can certainly say: “Fuck you, and fuck off.”

  6. Selling bitcoin just to have cash in the bank is stupid, but diversifying into real estate and less volatile assets like stocks for a more steady and reliable income stream makes perfect sense to me.

  7. People thinking that “bitcoin won’t drop 30% because institutions are buying it” are so delusional. I’m sorry to say this but those institutions ONLY buy bitcoin to make a profit from it. So when they think they made enough, they will just dump the markets. And yeah ofcourse there are some institutions like Tesla that really believe in it, but the majority just want to make a quick buck.

  8. Currency is currency. Your bitcoin spent will give someone more bitcoin. Governments and institutions will always make sure bombs are dropped regardless of how they’re paid for. That part of your comment was silly.

  9. Completely agree. I suppose you’d also have to trust that BTC will always be the powerhouse that will lead all cryptocurrencies though.

    There’s a niggling worry in the back of my mind that something else will take over. Sort of like Google taking over from Alta Vista or Facebook taking over from Myspace.

  10. People talk about a life changing amount of money. Like buying a new house or something. Bitcoin has helped me evaluate what makes me truly happy. I’ll never be monetarily wealthy. I’ll always have to work hard every now and then and even if I do buy a house one day it won’t make me any happier than I am now.

    I have some family and close friends plus a loyal cat. I have my health (for now) and the sun is shining. I don’t need positional goods or an amount of money that will change my life significantly. We’re all going to die and I think that’s what makes life so beautiful.

    This outlook enables super hodling. They can pry my bitcoin from my cold dead brain. Oh…. Wait

  11. So if you are not spend where is the benefit ?

    Lets assume BTC price will cont. increase and you decided to keep it “forever” because its an increasing asset. If you will not never ever convert to “have something that you need”, where is the benefit or what is the difference having BTC or not ?

  12. Very insightful and spot on IMO. I still expect 30% corrections in the future but none of the 80%+ variety we’ve seen in the past. That was pre main stream bitcoin. Also, with more and more “borrow against your bitcoin” options there are ways to keep your bitcoin and raise some short term cash if needed. Point being, always HODL and never sell unless you’re forced.

  13. What I’m fearing most is the government involvement in Bitcoin. What can the US government really do with Bitcoin because I’ve seen it banned in some other countries

  14. I think most people have moved on from the concept that BTC will actually be a currency people use for buying and selling normal day to day goods and services though.

    So You will have to convert at the time.

  15. Agreed, as Bitcoin is being assimilated into the world I don’t see many reasons to convert it back to fiat. If you’re paying off a mortgage for physical property, then good for you! But within the next few years I’m guessing you’ll be able to pay for 50% or more of all transactions through direct bitcoin payments so let your finite asset grow and wait for the world to catch up!

  16. I will sell some for vacations or new car, but never entire bag. Honestly i don’t think that my country will ever adopt btc so i will still use it as store of value

  17. They will tax our bitcoin transfer. So lets say we trade a bitcoin for a house, they’re going to tax the house and most likely wont accept the taxes in bitcoin, forcing a fiat off ramp.

  18. That’s all well and good but if I need to wait 20 years to realize the necessary wealth asset before I can utilize it while putting as much money in as I can throughout…. Where am I going to live? That house could be paid off and then some in 20 years but I need a place here, now.

    Pulling out profits to solve current problems isn’t a problem. Pulling out everything… that might be.

  19. I should absolutely cash out at some point.

    If and when I hit a few million dollars, I don’t need any more money, it won’t make me any happier. There is no point in keeping my money in a volatile asset, it accomplishes nothing for me. Going from 4 million to 8 million does nothing for me. Going from 4 million in assets to $400,000 though right before I retire would be a disaster.

  20. Never “sell”, only trade one asset for another. Use BTC to buy a house or whatever, but don’t “take profits” just to have more cash or to put it into the stock market.

  21. Yeah and when the next generation in 20 years decides that Bitcoin is for old dinosaur boomers and prefer a more improved technology you’ll be wishing you got a least some tendies. Some people are so bloody dumb

  22. Am I the only one who will dca out of BTC to take profits and then re buy in the bear market in order to have come out with a greater amount of BTC in total?

  23. There is no right answer.
    It’s personal election.
    How much will depend of the kínd of life each of us want.
    In my case, with 2 millón dollars I’m done.
    It will take my $500 18 years doubling up each year to have 2.8 mill.
    I will be 79! Shit!
    Better do something about this now😂

  24. I too am a believer, but why not try to cash out near the peak of this bullrun and buy in stronger at the beginning of the next cycle (based on the Stock to Flow model)? Why hodl through a 70%-80% correction you know is likely to come when you could just buy back in near the bottom?

  25. A lot of people don’t understand and honestly it’s not a bad thing but for the few of us who do we know what to do. I am grateful that people will trade their so rare and scarce btc for my inflationary valueless garbage fiat currency. So as long as they keep doing so we the ones who understand what you do will have a bigger opportunity to own more of this rare asset class which I consider as the embodiment of time something so rare so powerful that money and time can’t denominate. If someone told you they could give you time what would you pay for it how do you value that haha so pls keep trading your btc and panic selling the dips even if I don’t have a lot of money every cent I convert is to btc every sat that is accumulated is the beyond comprehension of what we understand! So hodl and accumulate because there is not enough and there will never be enough!

  26. You will def. have to cash out or at least swap for something like XMR with low/no fees. BTC fees are ridicilous and the objection is they will keep rising. BTC will never be useful as money and if someone gonna come up with LN, no, LN is trash, it is 1:1 to PayPal, CashApp etc. etc. Bitcoin is a tool to keep your money safe from inflation, but it’s for sure not money and it will be very dumb if you don’t cash out when you have made big profits



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